Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Sify offers a range of digital transformation solutions for your dynamic industry in response to customer demands

Massive changes have come to banking, financial services, and insurance. Your customers have embraced digital technologies and social media and your organization must do so as well-or you risk being overtaken by the competition.

In India and the rest of the world, the most successful companies are implementing digital strategies for marketing, sales, and customer service. These strategies include social media, mobility, analytics, and cloud solutions. They are cost-effective and flexible enough to respond to changing market demands. They are also highly personalized, using enhanced data management and analytics technologies to provide value-added services and rich customer experiences.

Sify works with some of the largest financial and insurance companies in the world. We understand the requirements of your industry and have crafted solutions to address them.

Our Solutions Address Digital Trends Including

  • Cashless transactions through the use of digital wallets and electronic payment interfaces
  • Digital convergence with the integration of voice, text, video, presentations, streaming media, global connectivity, personalized services and other features
  • Analytics to inform decision-making and strategy
  • Social media use to attract, retain, and serve customers
  • Cloud platforms for agile IT systems
  • Borderless and branchless banking to make financial services easier, faster, and more accessible for all

Sify Services for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Companies

  • Infrastructure Transformation

    Infrastructure Transformation

    Sify helps you update your company’s IT Infrastructure and enhance your business with our up-to-date Data Center technology to provide: On-demand scalability for all of your IT needs and business applications with a range of private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms, Simplified, streamlined business processes that let you take advantage of economies of scale and enhanced efficiencies, Lean digital DevOps to enable automated deployments, continuous releases, and service and patch management, Dependable, multifaceted security for financial and customer data, Access to Sify’s own state-of-the-art Data Centers spread across India and with global partnerships, High-performance and reliability for 24x7 uptime, with extensive failover and disaster recovery solutions

  • Digital Transformation for Branches

    Digital Transformation for Branches

    Digital transformation provides enhanced customer experiences enabled by: Social media, mobility, analytics, and cloud technologies, Uninterrupted service for customers through an interconnected branch network, Digital kiosks, Wireless networks, Real-time monitoring and control of network resources

  • Application Services for the Enterprise

    Application Services for the Enterprise

    Application services enhance productivity in your enterprise through: Seamless integration with existing platforms, Access to a range of ERP solutions, Software-enabled cloud-based services, Lower capital expenditures, Increased efficiency and profitability

  • Sify iTest

    Sify iTest

    Sify iTest is an advanced digital registration and testing solution that can be used for computer-based testing, recruiting, and other services within educational institutions.

    Features include:

    Online application and registration management, Computer-based exam management, Multiple question support, Test scoring management, Security, Results management

Contact Sify today to find out more about our specialized service offerings for banking, financial services, and insurance. Let us evaluate your market situation, current infrastructure, and future goals and recommend specific enhancements to compete more effectively as a digital company.

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