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Quick & Easy Digital Workspace​

In the new normal, organizations need to shorten the time to fully configure employee’s device on the go, as well as allow them to access their workstations from any device securely​
Sify CloudInfinit offers a seamless, efficient, fast, and reliable virtualization services pack depending on the usage and number of users. It provides simplified management of virtual desktop environments with a modern architecture that delivers the best experience irrespective of the user location​
Sify’s Hybrid cloud infrastructure integrates compute, network, storage, security and virtualization allowing the organizations to securely and cost-effectively deliver remote desktops and applications to the end user while minimizing the added pressure on IT​​


Key Features of the Sify’s SAP HANA Cloud Grid

Custom sized, custom built and bespoke Hosted Private Cloud offering.​

Dedicated and managed servers, storage, network and security to meet unique performance, security and compliance requirements.

Virtual Private Instances to run Dev-Test and production environment of SAP applications​.​

Offers both Virtual HANA and Physical HANA custom deployments

Wide range of HANA appliance sizes ranging from 64GB up to 6TB​

VMware – HANA best practice, anti-affinity rule strictly followed for high availability.​

HANA KPI maintained at all level to adhere to SAP guideline and certification.​

HANA certified all flash Storage SAN on 16 G FC protocol for high throughput, IOPS and low latency

Cloud migration services

Discover apps
Identify network flow between apps, discover services, app tiers and, VMs/servers that comprise the apps
Analyze apps
Understand the complexity of moving each app and the dependencies between tiers of the app as well as external entities
Migrate apps
Move workloads at scale using cold, warm or live migration across a WAN optimized layer
2 network stretch
Secure apps
Identify & implement consistent security policies and micro-segmentation between VM/apps enabling a “zero trust” security posture
Optimize apps
Optimize capacity, performance and configurations across multi-cloud environments

Why customers choose Sify

Automates, accelerates and assures cloud migration success
Automate any number of migrations to the cloud at a time​
Secures near-zero downtime migrations​
Automate any number of migrations to the cloud at a time​


  • Identifying workloads to move to cloud​
  • Migrating with no risk​
  • Managing data migration, data residency and related compliances​
  • Expanding the perimeter to include ‘unknown’ elements within your environment
  • Maintaining parity of governance, data and security policies with the cloud setup
  • Licensing metrics and portability to cloud​
  • Billing dynamics especially in pay-as-you-go components​



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