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Enterprise Grade fully-managed WLAN to enhance efficiency and build robust security around mobility.

Over the last decade, new technology trends growth of Mobility, Social Media, Internet applications and Cloud Computing has led to an explosion in the demand for Internet connectivity. People expect and demand anywhere, anytime Internet access.

In today’s world of 24×7 Internet connectivity, enterprises need to provide their employees and guests with fast, reliable and secure Internet access. Wireless connectivity is a crucial lubricant to ensure smooth running of daily business operations.

Along with the increase in Internet usage, the rise in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture has added immense pressure on existing WLAN systems in terms of management, scalability and security. WiFi Networks are now required to provide safe and fast connectivity to a growing number of diverse devices and users.

From managing a few Access Points (AP) to provide wireless hotspots for a small number of employees, office WiFi is now expected to provide complete enterprise-wide coverage to hundreds and thousands of users spread across the country.

To manage this new scale of wireless connectivity demand and to ensure that scores of employees, guests and users are provided instant and secure connectivity, enterprises need to consider investing in fully managed WiFi services.

Sify’s Managed WLAN solutions provide a remotely managed service that ensures a secure, scalable and stress-free WiFi network. Our services cover the entire WLAN ecosystem –

  • End-to-end WLAN services We design, engineer and implement the entire WiFi network customized to the bandwidth requirements of the business.
  • Deployment of Wireless Access Points across Regional Offices, including cabling, PoE injectors/PoE switches.
  • Cloud-based Centralized WLAN Monitoring and Management
  • Centralized Authentication Infrastructure to provide context-based access control, based on users location and devices.
  • Access Control for Guest Management
  • Complete Network Visibility and Control – network managers can access metrics on Internet usage among employees/guests, track all users and devices connected to the network and control WiFi usage based by application category.
  • A centralized dashboard for advanced Wireless Intrusion Prevention with rogue activity detection and mitigation across all wireless infrastructures.

Why Sify?

We understand how important WLAN connectivity is to your daily operations!

We have spent more than a decade building and managing complex networks, including the world’s largest MPLS network, and manage more than 80,000 network endpoints across the country.

With a diverse portfolio of cloud services, network integration, and managed services, Sify is perfectly positioned to design, deploy and manage your entire WLAN system.

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