Integrated Reports

integrated report 2017

This integrated report is Sify Technologies Limited’s (Sify, the Group or the Company) primary communication to shareholders and other stakeholders interested in Sify’s ability to ensure a sustainable business in the future. It explains who we are, how we are governed, our operating context, how we create value and how we implement our strategy to ensure Sify’s long term viability and relevance. It also records Sify’s performance and prospects.

The scope of this report includes Sify and our operating subsidiaries unless stated otherwise.

The matters we highlight in this report are deliberated upon by our leadership throughout the year. Our Integrated Reporting process support ‘Integrated thinking’ which, in turn, provides the basis for this report. The focus of this report is on aspects that are most material to our stakeholders and also provides an overview of our business opportunities.

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IR 2017