about sify

We are India’s most comprehensive ICT player.

We offer the entire range of ICT services under Network centric services which offer Domestic & International Data and Wholesale Voice and Data Center centric IT services which offer coLocation services, Cloud and Managed Services, Applications Integration services and Technology Integration Services.

About Sify

In the last 10 years, we have steadily built a reputation as India’s leading Enterprise class ICT service provider. We have now matured to be accepted as a strategic Knowledge and Digital Transformation partner for several of our Enterprise clients.

vision & mission

“We are building a world in which our converged ICT eco-system and our ‘Bring it On’ attitude will be the competitive advantage to our customer”

The Mission is to deliver cost effective, Entrepreneur-led thinking and a Scalable model of ICT Services and Solutions.


unique proposition

telecom: We are today India’s largest MPLS player reaching more than 100,000 locations; 70,000+ of them being wireless terminations, making us the largest wireless player in India.

Data Center

data center

We offer more than 2,00,000 sq.ft of white space and 47 MVA capacity across 6 concurrently maintainable Data Centers. Uptimes are at a steady 99.984%. Each of these DCs also hosts a robust Cloud architecture.

Data Center
Cloud Center

cloud & managed services

Offers a unique proposition of an home-grown Cloud Architecture layer called CloudInfinit; a service that automates the entire predictability and availability of virtual storage for clients.


application integration services

This offers both home-bred Cloud applications like iTest – an online test engine, Forum – a forward supply chain management tool and Beacon – a network monitoring tool, as well as Industry standard applications like Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

ICT ECO System

technology integration services

Numerous successful transformational projects later, we are now accepted as a Digital Transformation specialist and are roped in as architects and operational specialists to transform the clients’ IT landscape. Several large system integration projects executed over the years are testimony to our capability as a Digital Transformation partner.


Raju Vegesna


A first generation entrepreneur who combined his technology acumen with business savviness, Raju Vegesna reoriented Sify in to the Enterprise leader that it is today.

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David Nishball


Among the earliest evangelist of India's IT capability, Singapore-based David Nishball is the driver behind some of Sify's biggest engagements. His experience in the Enterprise scheme of things dates back to his previous role as the President of Airtel Enterprise.

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Kamal Nath


An industry leader with a scorching track record of setting up successful business divisions from scratch, Kamal Nath is recognized as the Chief Architect of Sify 3.0, the ICT Solutions and Services leadership status that it enjoys today.

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Vijay Kumar


Domain specialist in Accounting with a wide experience in Investment Banking, M P Vijay Kumar is also an acclaimed author and the architect of Sify's stellar compliance record.

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CR Rao


An Operational leader with over 16 years of experience across various industries and expertise in strategic planning, operational management and organizational development.

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