Company Profile

Our Mission

"we are building a world in which our
converged ICT ecosystem and our 'bring it on'
attitude will be the competitive advantage
to our customers"


Continuously evolving

converged ICT ecosystem

Converged information and communication technology with network services, IT services, software services.

bring-it-on attitude

An invisible spirit that resides in every employee of Sify and drives the human race forward. A tone that is confident, assertive, yet humble

competitive advantage

The strategic advantage business/individual entity has over its rival entities within its competitive industry. The strategic advantage can be Cost advantages, technology advantages, people advantages, time advantages which are critical to win goals


Business (large, medium & emerging business) & individuals

brand belief

In a fast-changing world of ICT, the biggest competitive advantage our customers need is a partner who is obsessed with overcoming every challenge that comes in the way

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