Sify Puzzle

Sify’s investments cover a wide range of elements in the belief that to be a comprehensive ICT player, we should be present in both the forward and backward eco-systems of our business.

The below investments will throw a clear picture of that thinking.

Sify has invested in the telecom Spectrum and also uses Unlicensed band of 5.8 GHz and licensed band of 2.4 GHz.

Specifically, for the businesses, on the Telecom side, the network now spans more than 100,000 Enterprise nodes of which Managed endpoints total 35K +, the number of PoPs stands at 2800 + (domestic) & 7 (international) and Subscribed bandwidth stands at 360 Gbps. We also own Dark fiber (point to point) for 5300+ miles.

In order to have a play in the international voice and data domain, Sify invested USD 10 million in a consortium for a Sub-sea cable which gives us a total of 18 million mu miles. On the Domestic front, we have 16000 Kms of leased fiber.

For the Data Center centric IT services basket, investments have gone into 6 owned DCs having more than 200,000 sq.ft of space with 47 MVA capacity. Sify has also developed a home-grown IP called CloudInfinit, a self-serving platform. To support application needs of clients, Sify has built home-grown services like Forum, iTest, and Beacon, all of which are IP protected.

Note: Overall, we invest approx. USD 25 million per year in Capex

Cumulative Capex