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Our Business

business model

Our Business model enables a complete ICT eco-system for the customer. Be it connectivity, coLocation, virtual hosting or system integration, either singularly or integrated, offshore or on-premise. Viewed from a marketplace perspective, each of our services is deliberately interconnected and hence, the stickiness of our services is that much more pronounced. Their relevance is all the more in a market like India where IT consumption is leapfrogging to more Cloud-based applications with a preference for converged ICT services from a single service provider with defined SLAs. These will require integrated services; a demand that Sify as a single-point ICT service provider is well-suited to cater to.

business maturity

Sify’s genesis was as a retail-focused IT player that concentrated on enabling broadband services for the common man.

Sify 2.0 saw the expansion of that target audience to include Enterprise demands for services like Data Center and Cloud and Managed Services.

Sify 3.0 saw us broad-basing our infrastructure based services into Solutions and Services so a larger audience is served by the same levels of SLAs.

Business Maturity
Other Location

other locations

In addition to the Indian operations, we have offices in USA, Singapore, UK, and Dubai.

Our business model for the US is niche and we are focussing on Offshore delivery of Managed services, which in some cases, require a limited onshore field team to oversee the implementation. Cloud-based services are also seeing a firm rising demand.

The other business we pursue in USA is the eLearning business. A sizable share of it is towards workforce automation and training. We are also moving into Artificial Intelligence and Virtual reality tools. A good part of our business comes from the United Nations and Fortune 500 pharma majors in Europe who are also tapping into our eLearning skill sets.

In Singapore, we are seeing demand for Managed services and a nascent rising demand for automated learning platforms.

While formal operations in the UK is only a year old, there are long-standing clients from here for telecom centric managed services and remote infrastructure services.

Other Location

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competitive advantage & competition

Sify is India’s only enabler for both Telecom and IT players alike. Our uniqueness stems from offering the largest MPLS for any company looking for connectivity, an industry leading coLocation and Cloud services, a significant system Integration service and a growing knowledge practice. On the network side, that translates to the largest number of Enterprise nodes at more than 100,000 locations; 70,000+ of them being wireless terminations.

This network also connect 39 of the competitions DCs.

From a connectivity angle, all the big Telecom companies like R.Com, Bharti, BSNL, TCL will qualify as competition.

On the Data Center front, our advantage is the industry leading 99.984% uptime and 47 MVA of power availability across 6 concurrently maintainable Data Centers. Currently, these DCs accommodate both coLocation and cloud services. And in time, we see the demand for Cloud services increasing. The strength of the business can be gauged by the fact that the Sify Data Center Architecture Ver4.0 (SDA 4.0) has found a market in the 15 clients DCs that we built for other clients including 6 State governments. Other players offering these services are Tata Communications, NextGen, R.Com, CtrlS, and Netmagic (NTT).

On the Cloud and Managed Services, the advantage we hold is the unique self-sustaining portal for Cloud space that a potential customer can log in to and choose his consumption pattern… …and pay as he grows. Depending on the client’s requirement, we can architect a Public, Private and Hybrid cloud solution. Other players in this business are Netmagic, CtrlS, ESDS, and Tata Communications.

Application Integrations Services offers a unique blend of homegrown and Industry standard applications. This makes us both collaborator and competitor for several players like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft while being on par with Industry legacy giants like TCS, and Wipro.

Technology Integrations Services is quite unique in its capability and hence rather thin in competition. Sify is today a ground-up System integrator and a Digital transformation evangelist. Players in this segment are quite diverse like Dimension Data, HCL, and Wipro.

A more elaborate picture is as below