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Engage buyers with relevant content to increase your brand visibility​

A future-ready, data-driven DAM platform

To attract and engage modern buyers, enterprises need to quickly activate and share relevant content that tells a compelling story. Delivering the right content at the right time to the right target audience through a modern digital asset management (DAM) platform is the key to achieving impactful marketing.​

Sify’s DAM solution leverages AI/ML to create an intuitive, consumer-centric user experience that delivers a 360° view of content for every type of stakeholder.​ Simplify your asset lifecycle management across content creation, ensure faster approvals on proofing and rights management, and disseminate content across channels seamlessly to measure the performance of your assets. ​


Automate your entire asset lifecycle and get data driven insights
with Sify Tenovos Platform

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Platform capabilities

Story management: centralize, organize, govern and share brand assets

Reimagine DAM where marketers, creatives, and producers come together to create data-driven stories that get results.

Story orchestration: create, approve
and share

Power easily customized workflows that
allow groups to work collaboratively wherever they are

Story activation: publish, analyze
and optimize

Analytics and asset intelligence engine that aggregates data to generate insights, reports, and KPI performance.

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End-to-end microservices and cloud-native architecture​

Centralized content, workflows, and insights​

Smart asset tagging with artificial intelligence​

Role-based UI/UX that streamlines production​

Governance of federated data to continuously deliver at scale​

Enterprise-level security, interoperability, and data integration​​

Adaptable, consumerized user interfaces​​