The Best Time to do a Cloud Strategy was 5 years ago.

The Next Best Time is Now.

The realization that we have been irrevocably thrust into a digital-first economy is causing the Enterprises to reimagine their cloud adoption journey. While we believe that everything that can be moved to the cloud will be moved, there are these questions on how to retain Agility, Flexibility and Choices while choosing the cloud architectures and migration strategies.

There are many questions that will be competing for attention including but not limited to – architecture, migration best practices, cloud operations, cloud economics, data gravity, network architecture and so on. The Sify cloud@coreTM framework will help you soar into the clouds to pursue your digital ambition.

CEO's Message

As a Cloud Service Provider, we are swiftly addressing the changing customer requirements with our flexible options be it upgrades or downgrades. The time-tested business models and services from Sify are now more relevant than ever for our customers to achieve their triple digital strategy objectives of reducing the cost, rationalize usage and rearchitect the deployment of technology for transformational outcomes.
Kamal Nath, CEO, Sify Technologies

CTO's Message

It has become imperative for every organization, irrespective of its size and business, to embrace the power of cloud and digital technologies to prepare for an uncertain future. In our experience of working alongside our customers, we have seen organizations develop their own unique approach towards adopting digital, considering the strategic goals and the priorities that can be referred to as digital ambition.
Ravi Maguluri, CTO Cloud & Digital Services, Sify Technologies

Gartner Forecasts End-User Spending on Public Cloud in India to Grow 29% in 2021

“The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was the starting point of the Cloud 2.0 era,” said Sid Nag, research vice president at Gartner. “Indian enterprises were not ready for the large scale of remote work. However, public cloud delivered on its promise of scalability, cost efficiency and business resilience for Indian enterprises during this critical time in 2020. As digitalization efforts further evolve in the country, public cloud will become a must have technology for Indian enterprises.”.** 

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