WAN Transformation

Grow your business with, highly secure, highly redundant and always available connectivity

Wide Area Network (WAN) is the foundation of our modern day lives. Businesses and people all across the globe, depend on WAN technology to provide reliable and fast connectivity.

The exponential rise in Cloud computing technologies along with the sudden increase in the number of Internet users has stretched existing WAN systems to their limits. To deal with this new scenario, Sify has created a new transformational approach to redesigning the existing WAN landscape WAN Transformation. WAN transformation can be defined as the process of enabling organizations to transit from its widely disparate and hybrid networks to an integrated cloud-enabled networking platform, where new approaches powered by the cloud technology drives substantial business benefits.

Do you need to transform your Enterprise WAN?

If connecting to your branches spread in remote locations or Tier1/Tier 2 cities is a constant challenge, then you need to consider Sify’s WAN transformation services. With our integrated network and cloud services, we offer a single pane of glass to manage your entire WAN environment. Our transformational solutions are backed by SLAs and guarantee reliable and secure connectivity anywhere in the country.

Sify’s WAN transformation simplifies and streamlines the existing WAN landscape in an organization; network managers no longer need to manage multiple service providers for their voice and data networks and can reduce the administrative challenge of managing multiple contracts and SLAs.

Sify’s vast experience across network, cloud, Data Center, application and technology integration services, gives us a complete understanding of Enterprise WAN requirements and allow us to offer 360° WAN transformation solutions – customized to suit unique business needs.

Why Sify?

Network Services

  • 10+ years of building and managing complex networks
  • We commissioned the world’s largest MPLS network
  • 80,000+ managed endpoints

Data Center

  • 15+ years of designing and operating Data Centers
  • 6 concurrently maintainable, 12 Tier II and 10 state Data Centers

Cloud Services

  • Comprehensive cloud portfolio
  • Cloudinfinit, Sify’s own cloud platform
  • Cuts across advisory, implementation and transformation solutions

Managed Services

  • 10+ years of experience in running DC, DR, network and security applications as a managed services model

Certified professionals

  • Certified team across the ICT spectrum
  • Expertise around all OEMs
  • 24×7 operations

Increase your productivity and see your profits soar, with Sify’s WAN Transformation services.

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WAN Wide Area Network, the three magic words that connect our world. Simply put, WAN is the network that connects local areas spread across the world.