5 Reasons Why SMBS

5 Reasons why SMBs must seek out cloud solutions

Reasons why SMBs must seek out cloud solutions Big is not necessarily better – and small businesses now are aware of just that. Small businesses are r now ready to take on any big competitor, thanks to technology and variety available in the market these days. Not just that, small enterprises can also provide competitive

Integrating Cloud Traditional Data Center

Advantages of Integrating Cloud with traditional Data Centers

A growing number of organizations are adopting cloud computing to meet the challenges of deploying their IT services as fast as they can and addressing their dynamic work load environment there by maximising their ROIs (Return on Investments). Across the globe companies have started to view hybrid cloud as a transformative operating model – a

Data Privacy

Ways to Ensure your Data on Cloud is Safe & Secure

https://www.sifytechnologies.com/dc-services/Managing your data on the cloud offers myriad benefits to your business. But like any other technology, cloud computing also has its share of risks involved. When considering a move to the cloud, consumers should get familiar with the potential security risks. There are a few security and privacy challenges relevant to cloud computing and

Benefits Managed Cloud Service

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

Cloud computing is taking shape as a fundamental to business growth. Between the fray of private and public cloud, managed cloud services can help businesses maximize the benefits of cloud adoption. Managed cloud hosting provides the balance between scalability and facility of public cloud and better reliability of on-premises solutions. Managed cloud solutions are considered

Benefit From Cloud Computing

How the start-up industry can benefit from cloud computing

India has been gripped by an intense wave of start-ups. From tech solutions and e-commerce to healthcare and food deliveries, these start-ups are being embraced more and more by Indian consumers and also attracting a substantial amount of attention from foreign shores in the form of angel investors and venture capital. For the 50 million

A to Z Disaster Recovery

A to Z of disaster recovery post natural calamity

With the businesses running across the globe, at different geographic locations, current enterprise systems have become large and overly complex. Applications and data are fundamental to business and the smallest downtime can cause millions of losses. Imagine a natural catastrophe to strike at any location making data loss. Rebuilding infrastructure and getting data recovered is

Myths About Security Cloud Computing

Myths about security in cloud computing

Cloud computing is one of the most progressive pillars of the IT sector. However, the very concept of cloud computing with the added complexity of virtualisation can throw a novice to unknown waters. The word cloud itself sounds porous and easy to penetrate. But such is not the case on a larger picture. Despite being