Get your business ERP GST ready

How to get your Business ERP GST ready?

On July 1st, 2017, Indian businesses will enter a new economic era. The GST bill, India’s biggest tax reform since independence, will unify and simplify India’s complex tax system to bring transparency and reduce tax evasion and corruption. While the new tax regime will have several benefits for businesses in the long run, the change

Securing Smart Cities

Securing Smart Cities and IoT devices

Smart Cities and IOT are largely articulated buzzword in Digital transformation space. Digital transformation is good to have significant change towards betterment of human life style and “way of living”. Digital Transformation is broadly classified into exponential technology growth, Miniaturization, Virtualization and Linking Bio Technology with Information technology. The goal of digital transformation is towards

Hybrid Cloud

What makes Hybrid cloud so popular?

As cloud adoption accelerated, service providers listened to their customers experiences and problems; tweaked and optimized their cloud solutions to create the Hybrid cloud solution – a cloud platform with the benefits of both the public and private cloud. Hybrid cloud allows enterprises to cherry-pick the cloud solutions that provide the perfect balance between their

Private vs Public Cloud

Private Vs. Public Cloud: How to choose the best fit

According to a recent survey conducted by Right Scale– 93% of businesses are using cloud technology in some form or another. Chances are that your competitors are already using cloud platforms and are growing their businesses at your expense. To stay competitive it’s imperative to leverage the benefits of cloud. Embracing the cloud is no


Digital disruption, an opportunity to create adaptive businesses

The biggest digital disrupter of the decade has finally hit the IT industry! The convergence of new technologies – social, mobile, cloud and data analytics, has fundamentally changed the way business is being done. Enterprises are, naturally, under immense pressure to adapt their existing infrastructures, strategies and workforce to deal with these changes. But during

Digital Transformation

How Digital Transformation made eGovernance possible in India

Government and public service bodies were the late entrants into the digital world; slow and hesitant at the start they have now embraced digital with gusto. What started as online payment portals for electricity and phone bills has developed into a mission to provide digital access to all citizens. The Digital Start The first step

5 Challenges Digital Platform

Journey to a digital platform – 5 challenges businesses need to overcome

The IT industry is no stranger to digital disruption, over the last 3 decades, new trends and technological leaps have time and again changed the direction of the industry. The first wave in 1990s permanently transformed industries such as music, photography and video rental and the 2000s saw major disruption in industries like television, travel

SMACNET Digital Platform

SMAC Net: The digital platform of the future?

The digital world has always been fast paced, ready to evolve and innovate quickly. But new innovative technologies are disrupting the familiar digital landscape at a rate never seen before, forcing businesses to overhaul old systems and reinvent existing technologies. To remain competitive in the face of this digital challenge, businesses must embrace the SMAC

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation across India Inc.

With the intermingling of social media platforms in all aspects of our lives, the digital world has become more multifaceted and complex.Social platforms combined with cloud systems and mobility has disrupted the existing business models and forced enterprises to develop new business models to generate fresh revenue streams and find new ways to engage with

Innovate Open Technologies

Innovate with Open Technologies

There’s a tendency in the tech world to view IBM as a pusher closed technology ecosystems. We don’t blame you if this is what you think about IBM, but we’re here to say that in regards to today’s IBM, that perception is flat-out wrong. Along Comes Linux As we move full-speed into the era of