Sify Hyperscale Data Centers

Sify Gen 3 Hyperscale Data Centers

Single Cabinet to Multi-Megawatt power deployment - Carrier-neutral Multi IX, Multi Telecom ecosystem.
Your Partner for success for your Digital Business infrastructure.

360° immersive
virtual walkthrough
360° immersive virtual walkthrough
Rabale Hyperscale Campus Data Center
Hyderabad Hyperscale Data Center
Airoli Hyperscale Data Center

20 Years of Experience

In Build, Own and Operation of Carrier-neutral Data Centers


Multi-year Experience

In managing Hyperscale Internet Exchange customers


10 Operational
Data Centers

With 70 MW IT Power in key cities



To add 200 MW in next 4 years



More than 90% of fiber links are from non-Sify Telecom Providers


Rich Interconnect Ecosystem

Hyperscale Cloud, Multiple Internet Exchanges, Content IP peering nodes & ISP Interconnect


Multiple Internet Exchange

Ecosystem facilitating OTTs and ISPs interconnect via portal



For Cross Connects and rack space: deployment in 2-5 business days

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