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Accelerating value through Sify CloudInfinit enterprise cloud

Hybrid cloud is all about the flexibility to organize workloads across the private and public clouds. It is the way to leverage the benefits of the public cloud while balancing the needs of compliance, location, optimization of investments, and so on. The challenge of devising a consistent architecture and operational model while ensuring accelerated time to value to the customers is at the core of CloudInfinit enterprise cloud.  

CloudInfinit enterprise cloud services offer cloud adjacency to all major public clouds. In conjunction with CloudConnect services, it makes it easier to architect and configure hybrid clouds. The self-service cloud management portal offers a service catalog for the complete configuration of a workload. This starts with a virtual private data center, virtual network and IP addresses, virtual machine configurations, and all the associated OS and Middleware stacks. Besides this, it also offers uniform visibility, integrated orchestration and management, cost-optimized operations, security, and service governance across hybrid cloud deployments.

CloudInfinit offers multiple environments to choose from – generic compute, SAP grid, and managed Kubernetes. The pricing models are predictable with no surprises. The service delivery is provided on the companion Service Now portal.


  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Subscribe to cloud resources at a predetermined cost, retaining the flexibility to change the configurations at will through the CloudInfinit Self-Service Portal  
  • Managed SoC-as-a-Service
  • Protect cloud, network, and endpoint devices with 24X7 monitoring and detection on fully managed cloud infrastructure
  • Backup/Archival-as-a-Service
  • Flexible backup as a service to the cloud or from the cloud, across seismic zones 
  • Process Automation-as-a-Service
  • Automate repetitive and high-frequency business processes to maximize your modernization outcomes
  • DR-as-a-Service
  • Innovative and flexible DR-as-a-Service offering to mitigate the risk workload coverage and the RPO/RTO parameters with synchronous/asynchronous options 

What is cloud adjacency?

Sify unlocks the capability to establish direct connectivity between their private infrastructure and hyperscale cloud environments to enable customers to realize the full extent of benefits of hybrid cloud. It provides the opportunity to extend the existing on-premise infrastructure and investments without rearchitecting applications or retooling operations while enabling a reliable, low-latency, and secure experience

  • Flexibility, scalability, and modernization
  • Lower latency and higher throughput
  • Network-level security
  • Enhanced data privacy, compliance, and sovereignty


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Our illustrious partners help us deliver unmatched business value and a unique experience. Their segment-defining, cutting-edge technologies fuel Sify’s efforts to achieve brilliance.



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