Do more with less and scale as your business grows Intelligent flexible, scalable,
and secure private cloud solution

Deploy instantly and reduce your TCO

Sify CloudInfinit+ hosted private cloud offers ready-to-use compute instances on a robust, dedicated, on-demand and scalable platform to host applications and data, including the workloads of AI/ML, big data, core business-critical solutions, and DR needs on a pay-per-use basis.

Managed by Sify’s 24×7-available cloud experts and intelligent, state-of-the-art management platform, hyperscale public-cloud-adjacent data centers, network, and security services, Sify CloudInfinit+ helps organizations to fast track their cloud adoption journey from hosted to hybrid to public cloud integrated solution at scale.



Instant, real-time automated deployment of VMs

Highly scalable and resilient

Usage-based monthly or annual billing

Reliable service and strong SLA

24×7 customer support via email or phone

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Gen-5 intelligent cloud management
platform to manage multi and hybrid
cloud environments

Flexibility to choose the right
cloud model (public/ private or hybrid)

Hosted private cloud services


  • – Customizable compute instances for multi-tier architecture
  • – On-demand and ubiquitous
  • – Scalable and elastic
  • – Pay as per need


  • – Need-based storage solution
  • – Information-focused delivery
  • – Unified monitoring of storage environment
  • – 24*7 professional management


  • – Create network architecture to suit application tier/layer
  • – Create multiple layers- web, app, and DB
  • – Clustering /grouping of servers under load-balancing


  • – Carrier-grade unified threat management (UTM) infrastructure
  • – Firewall & SSL
  • – Vulnerability Assessment/ Penetration Testing
  • – DDoS protection


  • – Environment ready to deploy customer application
  • – Services offered across operating systems, databases, and middleware


  • – Data backup and restore
  • – Remote data backup
  • – Synchronous protect
  • – Disaster protect


  • – Faster deployment of virtual desktop
  • – Reduced downtime for IT support
  • – Cost-effectiveness and enhanced security
  • – Pay-as-you-go basis


  • – Pay for the usage during disaster monthly/yearly plans
  • – 50-60% lower total cost of ownership
  • – Capable to deliver ‘zero data loss’ protection

Infinite possibilities with Sify CI+​

Cloud Leadership Across Industries

Decade-plus experience of managing and migrating 200+ cloud customers in India
Holistic multi cloud approach across public, private and hybrid
On-premise-like experience for your cloud workloads
Assured cost-effectiveness for predictable loads
Single point of ownership across all digital-led IT infrastructure
Outcome-based service models enable industries to relate with their business