Audio Collaboration as a Cloud Service

Easy-to-use audio conferencing solutions in the Sify cloud

Audio conferencing as a cloud service is standard in many of the most progressive companies today. It’s flexible, easy, and highly cost-effective.

Sify offers a range of audio conferencing services in the cloud. Do you have a large number of employees? A small group? Fixed lines and mobiles. No problem. Our Audio Collaboration as a Cloud Service can handle the load.  

Our flexible pay-per-use subscription models make it especially affordable. And you can eliminate any capital expenses for audio communications infrastructure. No more PBXs. No more downtime waiting for IT or an outside vendor to fix your CPE.

A self-service portal lets individual employees and teams launch audio conference calls and access a host of other related features. There is call recording, online account management and many other meeting-related tools. Since the only requirement to conduct a meeting is a phone, conferences can be arranged instantaneously or on short notice.

Sify Audio Collaboration as a Cloud Service Features

  • Instant Meetings

    Instant Meetings

    Supports reservation-less conferencing which lets employees connect whenever necessary

  • Separate Bridges

    Separate Bridges

    Provides separate bridges for individual users without extra costs

  • Online Call Recording

    Online Call Recording

    Participants have the option of recording the call to keep as a record for future reference

  • Security


    Ensures complete privacy with features such as password protection, Conference Lock, etc.

  • Project Separation

    Project Separation

    You can assign distinct PINs for every project, thereby creating clear identities for each project to avoid overlaps and more easily manage project costs

  • Sify Support

    Sify Support

    Sify provides all of the services you need to keep your audio collaboration environment running smoothly. That includes initial and training, operations, and ongoing support.

Contact Sify today to find out more about Audio Collaboration as a Cloud Service. Give your employees and teams the tools they need to meet and collaborate using any device, anytime, anywhere. Respond to customers and opportunities faster. Brainstorm more collaboratively. Reduce travel and in-house audio conferencing infrastructure costs. Let us show you how easy-to-use, affordable, and impactful the latest cloud-based audio conferencing solutions can be.

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    Easy-to-use audio conferencing solutions in the Sify cloud


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