Industry Expertise

Aid Agencies and Non-Profits

In today’s world where vast populations continue to be plagued by the ill effects of income inequalities, climate change, lack of education, lack of access to healthcare, shortage of adequate nutrition and clean water, etc., aid agencies and non-profit organizations play an increasingly crucial role in maintaining social support infrastructure.

Social support requires expert knowledge and expertise in social finance, rules & regulations, technologies, collaborations, and risk mitigation techniques. Training and L&D are just as important and relevant in the social support sector as any “for profit” industry.

Sify’s learning experts have supported some of the biggest and well-known aid agencies and nonprofit organizations by helping develop content and technologies for training of agency workers and key constituents such as aid recipients.

Talk to a Sify learning expert to get new perspectives and insights to help educate and train agency workers and aid recipients using cost effective technologies and platforms.