About Us

Our Design Philosophy

Authentic training to ensure learner satisfaction

The Sify eLearning method is developed by using a combination of the best practices, learning methodologies and technologies for the learner and classroom. Equipped with the understanding of human nature, our instructional design philosophy centers around the capacity for people to learn best through long-lasting learning experiences, as well as giving learners ownership of their learning.

Furthermore, we tailor our projects to align with your industry and your organization’s unique business drivers, learners and learning goals, to affect change and improve employee performance on every level, as they enter and grow within your organization. Our solutions focus on the learner, the learners’ needs, and the aptitude of the learner so that effective eLearning can take place.

Our solutions not only help you accelerate and reinforce learning, but also reduce in-training risks and errors, and ensuring full training for trainees addressing any knowledge gaps.