About Us

Design Experts

Savvy, committed, innovative

Our Instructional Design and Development team are experts at creating whole teaching and learning experiences. They are tech-savvy, business-minded instructional experts. They put together high-end pedagogical scenarios following proven instructional design models, while designing units of learning, learning activities and learning environments specific to your people.

The core of our Instructional Design department is to create learning for your specific company, its people and roles. We aim to engage your learners in activities using highly-developed environments with strategically-chosen technological resources and services. We aim to create learning systems that work as seamlessly as a workflow engine for collaborative activities that are structured into a customized Learning Design.

Furthermore, we are involved in all Instructional Design related areas and understand and their expertise extends to every aspect in the fields of educational psychology, educational technology, project management and so on.

Our Instructional Designers are not only highly qualified, talented, and innovative subject-matter experts, they provide individualized service, working with you 1:1 to produce the best learning solutions for you. We are skilled at creating engaging learning activities and making practice closer to real life skills. Our ID Experts are dedicated to and focused on your individual project from inception to delivery, with a promise of complete commitment and follow-through.