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When technology is disrupting every industry sector, it is not surprising that technology itself is getting disrupted every day. Technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, Kubernetes, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, and development methodologies such as agile and DevOps have resulted in a changing technology landscape that alters literally every day.

Sify’s learning consultants and designers work with some of the most respected names in technology sectors to help develop agile training and learning programs that are as scalable and adaptive as the technologies themselves. Sify’s focus is not just on the technologies, but the human factor of learning and performance.

Reach out to a Sify learning consultant today who will help evaluate the best training modalities that will support your associates, partners, and customers.

Keeping stakeholders and users up to speed on continuously evolving products is a challenge for Hardware, Software, and SaaS companies, among the other challenges these companies face such as are requirements, sales training, and compliance.

To address these challenges, Sify eLearning implements solutions such as NetApp (link), and several types of learning products to meet these training needs. We have supported companies (such as Dell) over a multi-year period, again creating learning products for technical and field staff.

Furthermore we help by scaling development of solutions; by standardizing the solutions; in essence, help the team go to market quicker.

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