Our Top Tweets and Quotes from CEdMA 2018

Sify eLearning had the honor of sponsoring the Spring 2018 CEdMA Training Leadership Conference. The conference addressed the growing shift towards the Software as a Service model, that for many has had a profound impact on the world of customer education. At the conference discussions revolved around how the Subscription World impacts customer education. Some questions such as “Does it change how we deliver and design courses?”, “Does it change the metrics we measure ourselves against,”  and “How do we show attribution with business metrics that our business leaders care the most about?” were discussed. ( Our eLearning project and instructional design managers, Sundeep Mukherjee, and Sachin Nandwani attended and reported from the conference. Below are some of our top quotes and tweets:
CEdMA Keynote: “Maximizing Long-Term Success with an Orchestrated Onboarding Journey. The first 90 days are critical to onboard and engage new customers.”
This CEdMA keynote by Donna Weber was  a significant topic as traversing the roads of onboarding becomes pivotal for organizations….because
“If your new users are not loyal within the first 90 days, there is less than a 10 percent chance they ever will be,” (ServiceSource, McKinsey)
“Attract, Nurture, Connect, Close, Onboard, Retain, Expand, Advocate” From the ‘Maximizing Long-Term Success With an Orchestrated Onboarding Journey’ presentation by Donna Weber
“Trust level between customer and the training team is very pure and honest as the training team is there to educate the customer teams and not to sell anything” – Bryan Busse, Global VP of Customer Success,  Elastic
“ILT can never die; although what you learn and how you learn may change over a period of time. Learning is dependent on motivation and motivation is dependent on relationships.” – Dirk Braune, Director Education Offering Design and Development, BMC Software, on our question “Can ILT ever die?” 
In the following image we can see ‘The Key Takeaways’ from Dirk Braune‘s presentation at the #CEdMA conference

Below is a photo of a great presentation on ‘Certification: All Business No Games’, by Zarogina Azocar #CEdMA. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

“80% of IT managers say that training is critical to project success”

“1 hour of training saves 5 hours of lost productivity”

“55% of employees are willing to move to another organization if they feel their skills are stagnating”

– Thought-proving quotes from Milind Gurjar presentation at the #CEdMA conference.

The CEdMA Training Leadership Conference is the premier event for education leaders (and aspiring leaders) at technology companies. This conference connects members so they can share unique training industry knowledge, experiences, and best practices, and thereby help members accelerate their business objectives and careers in education. (

If you missed the chance to visit us at our booth, please contact Ankur Rimjhim for further information.

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