Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: A Visionary Blended Learning Platform to Reinforce Proactive Behaviors for A Global Media Giant.

Hybrid, mixed-mode courses combine the benefits of traditional classroom learning with integrated eLearning content. Its benefits include blending teaching methods that combine online digital media with traditional classroom methods, making the best use of the physical presence of both teacher and learner. Our implementation for a global media company has helped learners achieve a greater level of awareness about the culture that make for the success of the company, and better serve audiences by emulating proactive behaviors. Here’s how we did it:

The Problem

A global media and television organization, the client looked to us to launch a new learning initiative to enhance the levels of knowledge and success for their evolving group of employees. Since its most seasoned leadership retired from the company, the organization wanted to capture their expertise and knowledge prior to their exit.

The Solution

From in-depth analysis, we highlighted behavioral examples for future learners to follow and emulate. Our overall learning approach centered on creating a holistic learning and an impactful learning experience. To replace traditional eLearning methods, we implemented a multi-modal, multi-faceted continuous training program.

Bringing about behavioral changes through training can be challenging. One of the ways behavioral change can be brought about is through concerted effort from the organization and the learner. Motivation plays a key role in behavioral training, and organizations need to have a method to measure whether a positive behavioral change has occurred in employee thinking. With these considerations, we recommended a blended learning approach that provides a holistic learning experience using a combination of learning experiences that include three major components:

  • An eLearning Course followed by assessments
  • A game-based, face-to-face training workshop
  • On-the-floor huddles for feedback and evaluation

With these solutions, learners had opportunities to apply the learning concepts and principles during the learning experience to simulated or sample scenarios. We successfully achieved our goals to help learners achieve a greater level of awareness through demonstrable behaviors.

What impact do you feel demonstration of proactive behaviors has on training?

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