Practice Makes Perfect: Ensuring End-Users Master New Applications by Day 1

As your organization is migrating to a new application, you’ve planned to train your employees, the end-users, on using this application – no doubt a wise decision!

Training undoubtedly educates users about the application’s interface, its different modules and uses, and the new workflows to be followed. Unfortunately, merely imparting information about the application as part of training does not make users 100% ready to face the Go-Live challenge. There remains a missing link between having the end-users be “aware” of the application and making them “Day 1 Ready”.

So, what is that missing link? How is it that imparting information through training is not enough? What is further required?

You must understand that working with an application doesn’t depend on absorbing the concepts shared in the training sessions. Simply put—working with an application is not a theory-based academic subject that can only be read and learned about. It’s something that requires practice, and lots of it!

So, how can you ensure that the end-users receive enough practice to feel confident on Day 1? Read my next article where I provide you with a simple solution that will ensure a relevant amount of hands-on practice for end-users.


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