What if your Logistics and Infrastructure aren’t Day-1 Ready?

Regular communications with stakeholders, stakeholder analysis, training communications, training the end users, and facilitating for their hands-on practice are all important towards making people Day-1 Ready.

You may have budgeted for and implemented all supporting activities that I listed in my previous articles (OCM, training, hands on activities, training environment set up). However, these supporting activities for the project need to be executed or implemented in a planned manner. A project can quickly unravel before it even goes live due to the following missteps:

  • An ill-planned organizational change management (OCM) strategy
  • Improperly scheduled training sessions
  • Unavailability of a proper practice environment for hands on practice
  • An unstable training environment, or an inaccessible or unstable learning management system (LMS)

For projects with these problems won’t bring you the desired outcomes and expected returns on investments, even if you meet the Go-Live date successfully. If D-day arrives, and the end users are not “Day-1 Ready” they may suffer in using the application, so not only will you experience unhappy customers, and the end-users will display low morale due to feelings of failure and disappointment among the project team members. This pain is too expensive to ignore and you must find a cure before you reach a point of no return!

But what’s the cure to this pain, the inability to deliver to the end users successfully? How can you ensure that all supporting deliverables and activities reach their audience as expected, in time for their success on day 1? Stay tuned for my thoughts on the cure to these problems and their benefits.

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    Sachin Nandwani
    Sachin Nandwani,Instructional Design Manager at Sify eLearning

    With a decade of experience as a learning and design expert in education and training, Sachin has lead curriculum design and development training interventions and blended-learning for global companies with multiple moving parts and complex needs.

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