Infographic on The Blended Learning Matrix

“There are different technologies to learn from, multiple opportunities to learn through different mediums depending on situation and needs. In today’s workforce we like to learn with different mediums. The objective of an integrated blended learning approach is to provide learning using multi-modal and multi-faceted learning experiences that make training effective and engaging for learners. Blended Learning is defined by Garrison and Vaughan as “the organic integration of thoughtfully selected and complementary face-to-face and online approaches.” This graphic illustrates this blended learning matrix.” – Lakshmi Kamal, Instructional Designer

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    Dina El Kharouf
    Dina Elk, Marketer at Sify eLearning

    As a leader in education, customer service, and marketing in the e-learning and EduTech industries, she has a breadth of knowledge that covers e-learning, learning management systems, instructional design, curriculum, customer service, business development, marketing and staff development.

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