An Instructional Designer’s Approach to Holistic Blended Learning

“As an instructional designer, I’m a big fan of Blended Learning because various content types provide for more holistic and enriched ongoing learning. In the design of engaging learning solutions, the blended approach improves the overall learning experience for continuous learning via diverse mediums.

As an innovative concept, Blended Learning is the tool that allows us as human beings to adapt to our ever-changing world. It allows us to explore diverse learning activities and provide opportunities for learners to embrace the advantages of different mediums, technologies, and scope. Ultimately, it bridges gaps between synchronous and asynchronous learning elements.

To ensure a holistic and ongoing learning experience while deciding on the most effective mediums for delivery, I consider the learner’s training goals, nature of the content, location, and the budget. Then, within each delivery medium, I strategically select a blend of learning methods to achieve higher learning standards.

To ensure that training achieves an optimum balance between different delivery mediums, I look to implement a flexible design with appropriate combinations. My guiding principle here is to distribute activities between the mediums in such a way that the learning flow is completely natural and seamless for the learner.”

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    Puja Rawat

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