Why You Should Hire People Development Consultants

In the current economic environment, it is important that businesses find ways to invest in employee learning and development as their business adjust to new conditions and continue to grow. Choosing to use experienced consultants in people development and human capital management will allow businesses the ability to continue growing, rather than simply attempting to maintain the status quo .

Consultants provide a significant amount of value for an organization. They can help to develop L&D strategies for growth or help manage projects. They bring experience from a variety of companies and industries, which allows them to offer creative solutions and enables “out of the box” thinking. They can help you change individuals’ behavior that improves business results by consulting in development, operational standards and facilitating training. In collaboration with your HR department consultants can coach you on how to measure and improve development and training results, and how to appropriately diagnose problems and create actions that solve them.

Additional deliverables of end-to-end L&D consulting and advisory services include:

Learning Needs Analysis

LNA is carried out identify and profile the learners regarding:

  • Learner’s prior skills and knowledge
  • Pre-requisite skills and knowledge
  • Educational levels
  • Learner’s learning preference with regard to learning
  • Learner engagement and motivation

Job Task Analysis

Today, organizations need to ensure that employees are empowered with appropriate training whenever there are new processes or when job performance is below standards. A job task analysis helps create and deliver effective training programs to achieve the required performance goals.

Job task analysis helps organizations achieve:

  • A validated task list per job role
  • A validated list of work elements that make up each task
  • Competency listing of the knowledge and skills required to perform each task
  • The level of competency required to perform each task
  • Description of the job role

Learning and Development Roadmap

Comprehensive Learning and Development Roadmaps help you align your employee professional development with your company’s strategic goals. L&D Roadmaps help your people understand their roles and function in the context of business goals while increasing their engagement and mitigating attrition risk. Creating an L&D Roadmap will support your employees’ ability levels and skill sets for successful performance.

Moreover, consultants support you in implementing your Learning and Development Roadmaps to ensure operational excellence, to optimize individual performance, increase employee satisfaction and productivity. An effective and strategic L&D Roadmap also improves morale and loyalty among your people.

Skills and Competency Mapping

L&D consultants analyze your business functions, skills, and knowledge requirements to create competency models. eLearning is then focused on building those specific competencies within your organization.

Knowledge and Skills Assessment

Consulting on end-to-end testing can be provided for compliance with AICC and SCORM industry standards and compatibility with Learning Management System platforms such as Saba, SumTotal, GeoLearning, Plateau, Moodle, LiveWire and other proprietary LMS systems.

No matter what type of business your company is, consultants can work with you to help you make a minor or major L&D decision or build solutions that your company can later take on internally.

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