E-Learning Is Vital For Today’s Financial Professionals…Here’s Why

Perhaps more than any other industry in today’s economy, the financial services sector is becoming more and more complex.  And this trend shows no signs of slowing down…quite the contrary.  From algorithmic trading to the tangled (and growing) thicket of government regulations, financial services professionals have more to contend with today than at any point in history.

But don’t despair.  All this means is that you, as a provider of financial services, need to start investing in yourself: to keep your company’s competitive edge, make sure your employees stay sharp, and deliver the best possible solutions to your clients.

One thing is for sure, though.  In today’s accelerating financial world, it’s getting easier and easier to be get left behind and rendered irrelevant.  Here are two quick reasons to invest in e-learning solutions for your company, to help you stay top-of-mind for your clients and prospects, and keep the edge you’ve worked so hard to gain.

The Bots Are Here…Set Yourself Apart

Whether you’ve heard it referred to as “algorithmic trading”, “​bot trading​” or “machine trading”, AI-geared trading bots are gunning for your business.  A growing wave of investors have migrated from traditional to automated platforms (such as Wealthfront and others) that rely on software and algorithms rather than a trained human professional to execute trades and oversee customers’ portfolios.

The competition with bots will only grow in the coming years and decades, and financial professionals who fail to set themselves apart through superior training and track records likely won’t stick around.

Bots still have a long way to go before they can truly match human intuition in the markets.  It’s doubtful whether a bot will ever be able to predict a ​catastrophe like 2008 for instance (let alone capitalize on it through inventive and intuitive trades).

In the coming years, it will be mandatory for financial professionals to distinguish themselves through superior training, diligence, and track records in the markets.  Our tailored e-learning solutions can help you keep your edge (and your customers) despite the growing presence of trading bots. 

The Compliance Issue

The other major factor to be aware of as a financial professional is the growing  complexity of the compliance landscape–and the huge costs that could result from a regulatory infringement.

The compliance standards have grown so complex and multifaceted that even major players–Wells Fargo, in the traditional banking space, and Robin Hood in the e-trading sector–have recently suffered major legal and financial penalties due to various infringements.  (Wells Fargo and other institutions have lost billions over the years from regulatory penalties.)

Our tailored e-learning solutions can help ensure that you and your team are up to date on all the latest compliance and regulatory standards.

Invest In Yourself And Your Team

By now, one thing should be clear: financial professionals who fail to invest in airtight training for themselves and their teams are taking a willful risk–of AI-inflicted irrelevance on the one hand, and manifold regulatory pitfalls on the other.

Sify’s e-learning solutions can help you stay on top of your game for the long run.

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