The Cure to the Biggest Organizational Pain When Facing Change

OK, so at this point you must be wondering what the cure to the biggest pain is, which an organization faces when undergoing significant change. The pain that I’m talking about, is ‘making people day-1 ready‘; and the cure can be applied universally—not just for organizational change but for any people-related issues that occur in organizations—and it’s none other than proper training!

“This is not rocket science,” as I know you must be thinking. “I know that training helps people, so what’s so novel about your message?” Indeed, the concept itself is not new, as various forms of training programs have existed since the ancient times and I am not suggesting any path-breaking innovation. However, as simple as this solution may seem, many ill-designed, non-focused, and non-outcome-oriented training programs are known to be significantly disruptive to the overall organizational expectations.

Apart from integrating the OCM (Organizational Change Management) process with the project (I talked about OCM in an earlier article), you must also budget for facilitating a well-designed, well-developed, focused, and easily accessible training for your end-users of the new application. These users are your actual soldiers on the field who need to tackle the uncharted territory. A well-developed training acts as a map for these soldiers and enables them to navigate the unknown territory easily and effectively.

Following this article, I’ll be addressing the benefits you stand to gain by planning for and implementing a comprehensive training program for your workforce. Watch this space for my upcoming articles that will help you understand how to make your workforce day 1 ready!

Meanwhile, check out my article on the Benefits of Organizational Change Management for Day-1 Readiness

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    Sachin Nandwani
    Sachin Nandwani,Instructional Design Manager at Sify eLearning

    With a decade of experience as a learning and design expert in education and training, Sachin has lead curriculum design and development training interventions and blended-learning for global companies with multiple moving parts and complex needs.

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