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You’d be surprised how many nuts and bolts are involved in creating online courses: web hosting, video and content creation, hosting, apps, quiz and survey tools, the list goes on. Online training providers take care of all these so you can focus on what matters: building an engaging training program for your learners.

There are a variety of domains for which in-person training can be converted to virtual training for different domains.


Onboarding and Development

Create virtual onboarding programs in order to prepare your new hires to become productive quickly as well and shape their critical first impressions of the company. With a well-designed online onboarding program, an organization can dramatically reduce “Time-to-Competency” and increase employee satisfaction and morale.


Products and Devices

With online training programs, your learners will benefit from world-class and cutting-edge technology and specific knowledge that can be shared in their respective fields. They provide learners with the opportunity to participate in hands-on exercises and simulations to ensure that knowledge gets put to work in your organization.


Soft Sills and Leadership

Custom online training programs on soft skills and leadership help your organization to instill those values that are in alignment with its culture, history, and folklore. They allow you to focus on designing the complete learning experience that is in alignment with your organization’s values, culture, and business objectives.


Sales and Marketing

Digital Sales and Marketing training courses span every aspect of modern Sales and Marketing management from detailed strategy planning, value creation, brand building, account management, increased sales, to customer relationships.


Quality Systems and Processes

Quality Systems and Processes virtual training programs will ensure that all personnel involved in the planning, management, and implementation of data collection activities have the knowledge and skills to complete their tasks according to the policies and procedures in their organization’s quality system.


Work Processes and Procedures

By adapting and aligning targeted learning solutions, virtual learning can help improve effectiveness and performance in your employees. Work Processes and Procedures virtual training programs need to be practical and highly engaging, and teach participants to work processes and procedures and associated management system documents.


Customer Service and Support

Employees clearly see the success of their roles in the context of their company’s purpose and objectives, thus, aligning their work goals with that of the organization. Most off-the-shelf customer service and support training programs are designed to provide “straightjacket” training to employees without helping them understand the business context and purpose for their day-to-day work. Custom support and service programs take your company’s existing content and enrich it by adding the business context, thus making your “dry” and verbose content into a powerful recipe for everyday peak performance.


Compliance and Regulations

Organizations operate in a dynamic environment influenced by industry consolidation, competitive landscape, emerging technologies, globalization and new legislations. To remain profitable in such an environment organizations continuously assess and modify products, services, and operations­. All these forces combine to create inherent risk. Custom compliance and regulations training programs reduce risks by ensuring employee understanding and retention of the rules, regulations, context, and consequences.


Health and Safety

Created for those responsible for managing risk within your business, our range of engaging and highly respected courses are designed to help your business become fully compliant with Health and Safety regulations. Not only does compliance demonstrate your commitment to employee welfare and corporate social responsibility, but it also helps inspire confidence amongst customers and suppliers.


Technical Concepts and Systems

Real-world technical training systems can provide actual work skills for technology-related careers and professions. Develop training that is highly technical, complex and specialized, to ensure the training is engaging to learners and relevant to the business,


IT Systems and Applications

Create training on business-specific software and applications help your employees to understand and master these tools that are the lifeblood of your organization. You have the freedom to design programs to meet the business needs such as improved productivity, reduced errors, and increase customer engagement.



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