What are the Benefits of Experiential Training for New Applications?

Earlier, I wrote about creating application-based real-life scenarios for hands-on practice for the end users as part of their training program. Let me list out some of the benefits that the end users and the organization are bound to realize due to these use cases or scenarios being available as part of the training.

  • The end users will learn about the different scenarios that they may face when working with the new application or when interacting with the customers.
  • The end users will become familiar with the application and its UI more deeply when they regularly work with the application.
  • They will have a greater focus during their hands-on practice sessions with a scenario to work on.
  • Users will be informed on the Go-Live date as the application will not be alien to them.
  • With everyone practicing together during training sessions, there is healthy interaction among the end users, as doubts and questions related to the application environment will be clarified among themselves or in discussions with trainers.

Most importantly, the stakeholders in the management won’t experience chaos on the floor on the Go-Live date. Instead, there will be a smooth transition into the new environment, thereby, justifying the efforts of the project implementation team (including the organizational change management and the training development and delivery team).

These benefits are very important when it comes to making people Day 1 ready and if you are responsible for project implementation for an application migration, make sure that the training program includes hands on practice sessions for the end users. This is one factor that is going to make a huge difference in the project’s success.

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    Sachin Nandwani
    Sachin Nandwani,Instructional Design Manager at Sify eLearning

    With a decade of experience as a learning and design expert in education and training, Sachin has lead curriculum design and development training interventions and blended-learning for global companies with multiple moving parts and complex needs.

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