Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Enterprise Technology Before the Go-Live Date

Imagine that in your organization, an application migration is underway and the Go-Live date is approaching. But there has been little-to-no formal communication with the end-users about this upcoming change! Your workforce is only learning through the grapevine about the new application environment. So naturally they’re confused about their role going forward. They’re not sure if they’ll continue with the same tasks that they currently do, or if they’re required to do something different when and if there’s a new application roll-out.

What’s more, many veterans of the company have become accustomed to the existing applications and processes, and may be averse to the idea of change. There’s an atmosphere of uncertainty and insecurity across the board. On top of everything, your project team hasn’t been helpful in alleviating these high emotions. They haven’t communicated about what exactly is going on, who will be affected, and what the benefits of the upcoming changes are.

All this does may not affect meeting the due date, but this without a doubt affects the Day 1 Readiness of your people, especially the end-users, those who’ll be using the new application.

Is there anything that you can do to minimize pain and eliminate disorder and confusion when the Go-Live date arrives? Can you somehow avoid the pain of employees being unprepared to deliver on day 1? Keep an eye on this space to find out the cure for this pain!



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    Sachin Nandwani
    Sachin Nandwani,Instructional Design Manager at Sify eLearning

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