Are Your Application End-Users not Prepared for Day 1? Here are the Risks…

So, with the upcoming application migration in mind, you decide to include the Organizational Change Management (OCM) process as part of the project implementation tasks. You realize that the OCM process will play a critical role, especially when it comes to communicating with stakeholders regarding the project scope and outcomes.

But, have you thought of what will happen when the implementation is completed and the application is live? Will the end-users know how to use the application? Will they be aware of the different application features and how to access its various modules?

You definitely don’t want “No” to be the answer to any of these questions.

This brings us to a critical pain area related to organizational change—making your people “day 1 ready”. Day 1 readiness is probably the biggest pain area for an organization. No matter how well the application implementation was carried out, if the end users are ill-equipped or inadequately trained to use the application for day 1, all the efforts of those involved in the transition may be wasted.

Remember! If people are not day 1 ready in your organization, be prepared for widespread chaos as soon as the application goes live. If the application is used for customer relationship management (CRM)/logging customer issues, prepare to face numerous customer complaints related to how your agents couldn’t log their complaints; if the application is used for bug tracking, anticipate many bugs not being captured and tracked; if the application is used for billing, prepare to lose out on revenue!

To avoid all the inconvenience on day 1 (and after), you should ensure that the cause of this pain is eliminated. How can you do that? Follow me to learn about the cure for this pain!

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    Sachin Nandwani
    Sachin Nandwani,Instructional Design Manager at Sify eLearning

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