Digital Ambition for
the new Normal


Digital Ambition for the new Normal

CLOUD@CORE™ for Agility, Flexibility and Choice to pursue Digital Ambition through and beyond the troubled times


The unprecedented restrictions on conducting business amidst the lockdowns have driven organizations to use technology for immediate cost reductions even as they continue to grapple with the usual budget contenders for tactical and medium term to strategic and long-term objectives. The current situation is driving the conversation with customers on the need for scalable and flexible IT infrastructures that can be consumed on demand. We are also seeing the cloud sceptical customers showing enthusiasm for cloud adoption to ease their capex cost and cash flow. Organizations are also reviewing how to provide secured and productive “work from home” deployments.

As a Cloud Service Provider, we are swiftly addressing the changing customer requirements with our flexible options be it upgrades or downgrades. The time-tested business models and services from Sify are now more relevant than ever for our customers to achieve their triple digital strategy objectives of reducing the cost, rationalize usage and rearchitect the deployment of technology for transformational outcomes.

Kamal Nath
CEO, Sify Technologies Ltd.

Key insights

The new normal and digital ambition

It has become imperative for every organization, irrespective of its size and business, to embrace the power of cloud and digital technologies to prepare for an uncertain future. In our experience of working alongside our customers, we have seen organizations develops their own unique approach towards adopting digital, considering the strategic goals and the priorities that can be referred to as digital ambition. Read More …

CLOUD@CORE™ to power digital ambition

The cloud@core™ portfolio is comprised of cloud enabling, cloud inspired, pure cloud and cloud enhanced solutions. The outcomes of each of these options follow the evolutionary path of technology outcomes, service level outcomes and finally to business outcomes. Sify has a range of products and services aligned to each stage of cloud maturity. Read More …

Cloud Adjacency for Hybrid Multicloud

The hybrid cloud has become a compelling option for organizations pursuing digital business transformation initiatives to address specific security, compliance, privacy, location and operational requirements even while continuing to benefit from the agile capabilities of hyperscale clouds such as rapid provisioning, self-service orchestration and spend management for a consistent experience.Read More …

Digital fulfilment for Cloud Enabling services

With growing digitalization, customers are looking at services that are available and activated quickly and are highly reliable and scalable as per their requirements. This self-service portal addresses the needs of this segment with its product portfolio that is already serving some of the largest businesses in the country. Read More …