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Data Center Interconnect

Get nationwide connectivity across cloud nodes and 48 Data Centers for reliable high-speed access and dependable disaster recovery

Consider the broad, robust Sify network, with 48 major Data Centers in four cities in India. No wonder so many businesses in India and other parts of the world have found Sify Data Center Interconnect ethernet services so effective and convenient.

The high-speed Sify network features a next-generation architecture for ethernet VPN and ethernet OAM with automatic failover for enterprise-class resiliency and up to 99.99% uptime. Provisioning is fast and seamless. And disaster recovery-whether mandated for businesses in industries like financial services or highly desired by others to safeguard operations and assets-is another big reason Sify Data Center Interconnect Ethernet services is so popular.

Whether your business has its own Data Center, already operates in the cloud or uses co-location with other providers, we tailor Sify Data Center Interconnect Service to meet your requirements. Our virtual network pathway connects all high-speed traffic between servers, between storage repositories and between storage and compute resources. High throughput, highly resilient transport is ideal for connectivity between clustered applications, storage replication and disaster recovery services.

Features include

  • Nationwide Data Center-to-Data Center connectivity
  • Ethernet services for inter-server and inter-compute connectivity
  • Fibre channel storage in a storage area network (SAN) that enables high-performance data transmission between multiple storage devices and servers
  • SDH services for fast and affordable connectivity to carrier interconnects
  • IP/Ethernet Virtual Private Lines (VPN) for VPN aggregation and distributed compute environments which is useful for load sharing and disaster recovery
  • Choice of service packages: Premium (99.99 % uptime / 50 ms guaranteed protection); Standard (99.9 % uptime / < 2 min guaranteed protection) or Basic (99.5 % uptime / < 4 hours protection / TTR)

Ensured nationwide Data Center interconnectivity via the cloud for reliable high-speed access. Dynamic scalability on a budget. Robust failover and disaster recovery. These are just some of the reasons why Sify should be considered for Data Center interconnect service. Call us today to find out more.

Offload Internet service procurement, management and support from your internal IT organization. Trust Sify to provide reliable, high-speed Internet service to your offices and employees wherever they are in the world. Simplify the details with a single contract, SLA and dedicated point of contact for all regions. Contact Sify today to find out more about Global Managed Internet Services.

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    Get nationwide connectivity across cloud nodes and 48 Data Centers


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