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Digital retail solutions for enterprises

Increased adoption of technology and tools have given rise to customers demanding anytime, anywhere availability of products at their convenience. Retail companies thus are required to enable supply through both offline and online channels. A multichannel retail approach to reach their customers via multiple mediums including both, traditional on-premises, and digital models is the need of the hour. However, there are multiple challenges starting from distribution management, and inventory management at the forward supply chain levels to campaign management and digital assets management at the demand creation levels.

Deploy Sify’s retail intelligence solutions to provide a seamless and flawless digital experience to your forward supply chain partners including distributors and retailers. Use our storytelling platform to narrate your story to customers, monitor your campaign, and ensure the best return on your digital assets. Sify has leading FMCG, manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and other organizations as customers.

Key Services

ForumNXT DMS as a Service

Integrate and automate supply chains with a distribution network to provide real-time visibility into inventory, sales, collections, and claims data to help plan and execute better.


The 3600 solution for sales operations and demand generation to influence buyer behavior. Transform the ‘general trade’ supply chain towards a ‘modern trade’ with unified commerce.

Digital assessment to modernize your talent assessment and recruitment processes

Business processes across the world are undergoing digital transformation. This is especially true when it comes to conducting exams to test the skills of prospective employees and candidates for the right placement. Digital assessment is a scalable model to conduct large volume exams and provide candidates with a more engaging assessment experience. With a wealth of data, it helps generate actionable insights, which drive improvements to learners taking the assessment and to the assessment body.

Sify iTest, with nearly two decades of experience, pioneered computer-based tests (CBT) in India, making it one of the largest and most robust platforms for conducting online exams in the country. iTest’s deep and proven capabilities in conducting over 50 million exams to educational institutions, PSUs, and government bodies, make it the most reliable and user-friendly digital assessment platform. Sify helps customers successfully realize their goal of conducting high-volume exams in a secured environment.

iTest Computer-based testing (CBT)
Conduct high-volume, high-stake assessments for recruitments or admissions in a distributed setup.
iTest Internet-based testing (IBT)
Conduct on-demand assessments with cloud-delivered solutions.
  • Support high-performance registration portal
  • Set-up & audit quality exam venues
  • Proctor and administer tests
  • Physical and online security during the tests
  • Publish results including challenge window
  • Support for question bank via authoring tool
  • Mandatory certifications & data security compliances
  • Support multilingual content
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Hands-on training with detailed manual
  • 24X7 support desk
  • Normalization & other statistical tools
  • High concurrency in exams taken by students
  • Automated proctoring (auto & remote modes)
  • Secure browser to cheat-proof assessments
  • Facial recognition to flag incidents
  • Highly configurable and scalable to conduct different volumes of exams across locations
  • Customized role-based privileges & access rights
  • Supports all major question formats
  • Provision to upload scanned answer sheets
  • Provision to conduct multiple papers simultaneously
  • Post exam detailed & customized reports available
  • Complete knowledge transfer by experts
  • Integration of solution with all available LMS

Key highlights

Secure and scalable

Highly adaptive IT infrastructure, trained manpower, state-of-the-art exam centers, and secure data centers pan-India

SaaS platform

Flexibility and scalability to schedule & conduct multiple assessments in different languages for candidates across locations and time zones.

AI/ML-based proctoring solutions

Integration with our rich experience in the digital assessment domain ensures a safe and secure assessment experience

Integrated Modules

Candidate registration, user management, question bank authoring, exam administration, and reporting offer complete solutions

Value proposition

Pioneering digital assessments in India

2 crore+

Exams delivered annually


Cities & towns covered for exam delivery


Test centers & pan-India presence

2.0 lac+

Contractual seats

50 million+

Digital assessments delivered


Exams conducted in a day


Exams delivered in a single shift

Learning Experience Platforms

Along with SifyLiveWire, we also partner with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) LMS and LXPs product companies, including SumTotal, Percipio, Saba, EdCast, and SkyHive, to offer our customers best-in-class solutions to meet their organizational learning needs. Our LMS/LXPs/Knowledge Management Portal services include the following.


Key services

Consulting & Facilitation Support

Help organizations to meet regulatory requirements, proactively manage skill gaps, and workforce training at individual, teams, and organization levels

Customization, Implementation & Go Live

Configuring and implementing the LMS to address business rules, processes, and workflows specific to various business divisions and enterprise groups

Migration and Integration

Use of custom scripts and built-in migration tools for seamless migration from one database to another and complete integration with most business application systems


Hand-holding, and best practices to ensure that the LMS/LxP users use the deployed platform to the optimum level with relative ease and comfort

Tenovos Active Story Management

A modern enterprise, to attract and engage modern buyers, needs to quickly activate, and share the relevant content that tells a compelling story. Delivering the right content to the right target audience at the right time with modern digital asset management (DAM) platforms is the key to achieving impactful marketing.

Engage modern buyers with relevant content and grow your brand. Sify’s Active Story Management platform leverages AI/ML to help businesses gain insights on the return on assets created with its three innovative product offerings. These three offerings combine to create an intuitive, consumerized user experience that delivers a 360° view of content for every type of stakeholder.

Story Management: Organise, Tap, and Govern
Reimagine DAM where marketers, creators, and producers come together to create data-driven stories that get results.

Story Orchestration: Create, Approve and Share
Powers easily customized workflows that allow groups to work collaboratively wherever they are.

Story Activation: Publish, Analyse and Optimise
Analytics and asset intelligence engine that aggregates data to generate insights, reports, and KPI performance.

Key highlights

End-to-end microservices and cloud-native architecture
Centralized content, workflows, and insights
Smart asset tagging with artificial intelligence
Role-based UI/UX that streamlines production
Governance of federated data to continuously deliver at scale
Enterprise-level security, interoperability, and data integration
Adaptable, consumerized user interfaces


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Our illustrious partners help us deliver unmatched business value and a unique experience. Their segment-defining, cutting-edge technologies fuel Sify’s efforts to achieve brilliance.


who help us create extraordinary experience

Our illustrious partners help us deliver unmatched business value and a unique experience. Their segment-defining, cutting-edge technologies fuel Sify’s efforts to achieve brilliance.



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