Mitigate disaster-associated risks to provide disruption-free services

Plan, execute & maintain a resilient business

Sify provides a comprehensive, affordable and non-disruptive BC/DR solution that offers continuous data protection for organization’s systems and data on our own secure enterprise cloud platform at a geographically distant location.

Key Features:​

  • Pay for the Usage during Disaster Monthly / Yearly plans​
  • 50-60% Lower Total Cost of ownership​
  • Capable to deliver ‘Zero data loss’ protection​

Sify Value proposition​

On-demand enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure​

Readily deployable DR solutions without upfront capex & DR on demand proposition​

Integrated/converged network stack​

Devising cost-effective solutions enabling multiple customer sites to connect to the DR site along with near DR data center and connectivity capabilities for zero data loss ​

Best-of-breed technology and management capability​

Right-sized DR design meeting business requirements (RPO, RTO) , Industry-leading solutions and partner tools for replication, DR management and reporting

Single partner for managed services

across data center, network, infrastructure, applications and end-user devices ​​


who help us transform

Our illustrious partners help us deliver unmatched business value and a unique experience. Their segment-defining, cutting-edge technologies fuel Sify’s efforts to achieve brilliance.



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