integrated report 2018

This is Sify Technologies Limited’s (Sify, the Group or the Company) third Integrated Report. This report details how we created value and opportunities for our stakeholders in the year 2017-18 and indicates the risks affecting our ability to create value over time. Our stakeholders include providers of financial capital, employees, customers, government and society at large.

The report includes material risks, opportunities and outcomes relevant to the Company and its subsidiaries, namely Sify Technologies (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Sify Technologies North America Corporation, Sify Data & Managed Services Limited and Sify Infinit Spaces Ltd.

This report contains information on qualitative and quantitative features of items which are individually or collectively considered to be material to Sify’s operations and strategic objectives. Items are considered to be material if they are of significance to our stakeholders and have significant impact on our business.

A multidisciplinary team consisting representatives from different business segments of the Company was formed, to identify material issues for reporting.

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