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Automated Recovery of SAP HANA Database using AWS native options

Purpose This blog exclusively covers the options available in AWS to recover SAP HANA Database with low cost and without using native HSR tool of SAP. With a focus on low costs, Sify recommends choosing a cloud native solution leveraging EC2 Auto Scaling and AWS EBS snapshots that are not feasible in an on-premises setup.

SAP Migrations to AWS Cloud using CloudEndure Migration Tool

Purpose Enterprises migrating SAP workloads to AWS are looking for an as-is migration solution that are readily available. Earlier, enterprises used the traditional method of SAP backup and restore for migration or AWS-native tools such as AWS Server Migration Service to perform this type of migration. CloudEndure Migration is a new AWS-native migration tool for SAP customers.

Fast-track your SAP’s Cloud Adoption on AWS, with Sify

Introduction Cloud computing (which later became known as just Cloud), one of the technology trends since last few years, has become a game-changer. Cloud offered a platform for organizations not just to host their applications but also to maintain it / manage it and charge organizations on a pay-per-usage model. This translated into getting rid

Leveraging CloudEndure in the migration to AWS Cloud

Introduction With the increased demand in scalability and flexibility of the infrastructure for organization to ramp up and speed up the go-to-market approach, it has become necessary to adopt the Public Cloud which can tackle this challenge efficiently. Therefore, businesses are looking for simple, reliable, and rapid migration of on-premises workload to Public Cloud with

Embrace the Hybrid Cloud with VMC on AWS

Introduction According to Gartner, most of midsize and enterprise customers will be adopting a hybrid or a multi-cloud strategy. Companies have already realized that in order to move to public cloud, it is important to structure workload in hybrid cloud model. Companies must understand that hybrid IT is not an easy methodology and therefore they

Your ideal Data Center Colocation partner

Organizations are on a perennial quest to reduce cost and increase their business focus with the power of data. Data is the new oil and there is an increased emphasis on unleashing the full potential of technology with the Data Center (DC) and the corroborating IT infrastructure. Organizations are increasingly looking forward to unlocking data-driven


Re-Architect your Network with Sify

Integrate your Cloud, Core, and Edge With the advent of IoT, pervasive mobility, and growing cloud service adoption, the network has become increasingly distributed, and the need for faster compute and connectivity at the edge has become more pronounced. As organizations increasingly drive digital transformation initiatives and adopt hybrid multi-cloud, the network must be rearchitected

Embarking on a successful Microsoft Cloud journey with Sify

In the digital age, migration to Cloud has become the top-most priority for businesses across realms. We are seeing major shift in the number of ‘Cloud Hostile’ customers turning into ‘Cloud Friendly’ & ‘Cloud Ready’ customers and pondering on the best plan to implement the migration successfully. One of the major reasons behind this trend

Simplify Your Network Transformation

Simplify your Network Transformation with Sify The business world is witnessing an unprecedented transformation as organizations across verticals are passionate to embrace new technologies. Cloud, Analytics, Automation, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are some major forces that are enabling enterprises to deliver a top-tier experience to customers. As organizations nowadays are highly

Simplified Cloud Adoption for SAP S/4HANA

Let Sify, your Cloud expert manage your SAP Migration Every transformation journey begins with adoption of digital technologies on Cloud. Forward-looking organizations worldwide are looking for Cloud-powered solutions to attain the highest level of business agility, scalability, and compliance in the most cost-effective way. Additionally, Cloud-powered solutions facilitate access to new generation technologies, such as

Migration to Oracle Cloud: common pitfalls and best practices

Count on Sify to accomplish your migration goals Enterprises worldwide are in a quest to leverage the true potential of the Cloud. As Cloud allows organizations to unify disparate business functions, streamline processes, enhance organizational efficiency, achieve resilience, and control cost, decision-makers across the business world are looking for the most suitable Cloud and a

Consolidate your Network with Sify

Rationalize, Scale, and Manage your network effortlessly. In today’s technologically advanced era, enterprises across realms have complex ICT environments – virtual and geographically spread. The advent of Cloud and rise of multiple solution providers globally have encouraged organizations to pick and choose the perfect mix to host their applications, servers, and data across a diverse


AWS Cloud Cost Optimization

AWS cost optimization is an ongoing process. AWS cloud resource utilization needs to be continually monitored to determine when the resources are being under-utilized or not being utilized or idling to reduce the costs by deleting/terminating/freeing the unused resources. It’s also helpful to consider the Saving Plan or Reserved Instances to ensure full utilization as


Business use cases for high-performance computing

Emerging technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning have not only changed the business dynamics but have been generating an exponential volume of data, posing difficulties in its management. Processing this exponential burst of data with varying workloads in a timely and cost-efficient manner requires modern systems like High Performance Computing (HPC). Despite


How to plan a cost-effective Data Center transformation

Data Centers have become nerve centers of the organizations in the modern digital world. Their performance and efficiency are crucial levers of organizational success. The challenge for technology heads has been to arrive at Data Center solutions that are cost-effective, offering value without compromising on essential features. Utilizing available space for Data Center scaling is


How to orchestrate and manage workloads in multi-cloud environments

Multiple business applications of an enterprise are usually housed on-premise and on-cloud infrastructure. In a multi-cloud environment, multiple cloud providers build the IT portfolio, which would mean that the company must manage multiple service level agreements. Technically, this environment provides the enterprise with a workload migration capability between different cloud services on demand, depending upon


Future of Data Center: Architectural Advances

Data is growing at an exponential rate in the modern borderless world. Over 2.5 Quintilian bytes of data is generated every day across the globe. India alone is set to produce 2.3 million petabytes of digital data by the year 2020, and it is growing at a rate that’s much faster than the world average.

How to leverage hyperscale Data Centers for scalability

Modern Data Centers are synonymous with massive high-speed computational capabilities, data storage at scale, automation, virtualization, high-end security, and cloud computing capacities. They hold massive amounts of data and provide sophisticated computing capacities. Earlier, a simple network of racks with storage units and a set of management tools to individually manage them were enough. The


How to orchestrate workloads between public and private clouds

Imagine how an orchestra combines a multitude of instruments to create a symphony. In the same way, a hybrid cloud orchestrates, skillfully combining public and private cloud, to create a seamless cloud infrastructure.  As multiple applications on a public–private hybrid infrastructure could add to complexities, with the help of orchestration, a centralized structure can be


5 Things to Consider when Moving Workloads to a Hyperconverged Infrastructure

To be or not to be is an age-old philosophical question that doesn’t apply to CIOs when they are confronted with an option to move to hyperconvergence. In a definitive shift, hyperconvergence has redefined businesses as this virtualization technology can be deployed to make production, backup, and disaster recovery systems efficient and robust. Some critical


Hyperconvergence And Its Growing Importance

For years, Data Centers formed the backbone of IT infrastructure, in which primarily hardware-driven convergence was deployed to assemble several parts of the IT function. However, in this type of infrastructure, the compute, storage, and networking components are discrete and thus difficult to manage. Hyperconvergence is a system that creates a pool of IT resources,


M2M is shifting to M2M

The final eulogy to ‘Man is the Master of the Machine’ has been written. In the movie Terminator 3, the sequel delves into the takeover of earth by machines, until the very end, when the machine itself has a change of heart. However ominous those signs are, what is undeniable is that the age of


A CFO for All Seasons: Interview of M P Vijay Kumar, CFO on

I have one primary agenda for the next 12 months: to ensure that the organization has enough support available across all of the functions to enable scale. I want to ensure that every part of the organization is in a position to enable scale and monetize market opportunities, explains Vijay. At times, it must seem


Cloud Service Models Compared: IaaS, PaaS & SaaS

Cloud computing has been dominating the business discussions across the world as it is consumed by the whole business ecosystem and serves both small and large enterprises. Companies are faced with a choice between three predominant models of cloud deployment when adopting the technology for their business. A company may select from SaaS, PaaS, and


From Legacy to the Modern-day Data Center Cooling Systems

Modern-day Data Centers provide massive computational capabilities while having a smaller footprint. This poses a significant challenge for keeping the Data Center cool, since more transistors in computer chips, means more heat dissipation, which requires greater cooling. Thereby, it has come to a point where traditional cooling systems are no longer adequate for modern Data

Cloud Transforming

Five ways cloud is transforming the business world

Organizations around the globe are inclining towards the cloud technology and cloud platforms for enhanced data management and security, cost-efficient services, and of course, the ability to access distributed computing and storage facilities from anywhere, anytime. In a recent study it was found that nearly 41% of the surveyed respondents showed interest in investing in

Data Center Migration

Five major challenges during Data Center migration

Data Center migration is essential for companies looking to meet the growing demands of the IT/data services. However essential, this process comes with its own set of challenges. Thus, it would be wise to tread carefully and assess both the core necessities and challenges that usually accompany Data Center migration. Data Center migration involves moving

Keys to Successful Datacenter Operation

Keys to Successful Data Center Operations

For one reason or another, every business requires a Data Center at some point. There is an ever-increasing demand for data everywhere, and as a result of this, companies require more and more processing power and storage space. There isn’t a specific kind of company that will require a Data Center, but some are more

How Datacenters Works

How Data Center works (and how they’re changing)

A Data Center is usually a physical location in which enterprises store their data as well as other applications crucial to the functioning of their organization. Most often these Data Centers store a majority of the IT equipment – this includes routers, servers, networking switches, storage subsystems, firewalls, and any extraneous equipment which is employed.

Network Infrastructure

Is your network infrastructure built for the future? Check today!

Any network infrastructure forms a section of a much larger IT infrastructure of any organization. Typically, a network infrastructure is likely to contain the following: Networking devices: such as LAN Cards, modems, cables, and routers Networking software: such as firewalls, device drivers, and security applications Networking services: such as DSL, satellite, and wireless services. The

Cloud datacenter

How Cloud Data Centers Differ from Traditional Data Centers

Every organization requires a Data Center, irrespective of their size or industry. A Data Center is traditionally a physical facility which companies use to store their information as well as other applications which are integral to their functioning. And while a Data Center is thought to be one thing, in reality, it is often composed

Disaster Recovery System

Here’s why your enterprise should have a disaster recovery system

Disaster can strike anytime. Whether they are natural or inflicted by man, disasters have small chances of being predicted accurately. Whatever be the case, enduring and recovering from these disasters can be a pretty rough job for your enterprise. Disasters can potentially wipe out the entire company, with the enterprise’s data, employees, and infrastructure all

Protected: Cloud at the Core Driving Value Beyond Technological Innovation

Protected: Cloud at the Core Driving Value Beyond Technological Innovation

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Data Center Interconnect

Data Center Interconnect: Details, Challenges & Solution

The ever-increasing demand for the Data-Center and network virtualization has its ramifications on the Data Center interconnect (check out Cloud Cover). It has gained the attention of the service provider’s network architecture making them think in the direction of load-sharing and distributed workloads. It has also become a way to connect various Data Centers in

Cloud Computing Security

What Are the Trending Research Areas in Cloud Computing Security?

Cloud computing is one of the hottest trends. Most technological solutions are now on cloud and the ones remaining are vying to be on cloud. Due to its exceptional benefits, it has magnetized the IT leaders and entrepreneurs at all levels. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is when many computers are linked through a

Server Hosting

Key Advantages Dedicated Web Server Hosting

Are you in search of the best application hosting? Well, choosing the best-dedicated server for your enterprise could be a task in itself. But why dedicated web server? A dedicated web server ensures resilience and resources to host a web application. Selecting a dedicated server which is fast, secure, properly managed, and has the perfect


Comparing internet lease lines and broadband services

The internet can be accessed in many ways, as evidence in the form of the evolution of the internet connections over the last few years. Today, the broadband is usually considered as the most popular medium for accessing the internet, especially in homes. However, when it comes to larger establishments and commercial spaces such as

3 Core Components Make Enterprise Collaboration Services

The 3 core components that make up Enterprise Collaboration Services

A lot is being written these days about the increasingly important role of communication and collaboration services in running a business smoothly. As the world becomes more connected and doing business across vast geographies becomes the norm – the expectation of the employees, clients and end customers also rise – employees and clients demand to

Network Security VOIP Adoption

Network Security, the key to VoIP adoption

With growing Internet infrastructure and new technologies, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has gained tremendous popularity among businesses. Regardless of size and industry, organizations are migrating their communication network from traditional PSTNs to VoIP. The wide-ranging benefits of the system are bound to attract businesses from across the board – reliability combined with steep cost

Void Services

VoIP services – How does it work?

The world over, communication – reliable and secure – is taking on a more critical role in the functioning of organizations and businesses. The more geographically spread your organization is, the more important it becomes to keep communication networks up and running. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has gained tremendous traction over the last decade

VOIP Features

5 Key VoIP features that Empower Businesses

During the early days of the VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, it was surrounded by skepticism over its long-term viability and its suitability across industries. However, the past decade has seen VoIP being firmly recognized and implemented across businesses of every size and industries of every nature. VoIP in its current evolved form offers many

Cloud Driving Transformation in the Healthcare Sector

The “Sify: Power Discussion” hosted at the “Healthcare Senate & Healthcare Information Technology Summit 2017” organised by the Indian Express Group and Sify Technologies discussed the various benefits that cloud can bring to the Indian healthcare sector. The CXOs who participated in the power discussion hosted by Sify shared their challenges in the ICT space

Traditional vs VoIP- What’s best for your business?

As more and more businesses, both big and small, are jumping on the VoIP (Voice over IP) bandwagon, it is interesting to examine what is causing this exodus from the traditional alternative of PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) including Mobiles and Landlines. In order to understand the reasons for the switch, it is important to

Technology Enhance Customer Engagement

CCaaS – Using technology to enhance customer engagement

The business world has always been competitive, but never before has the battle for customer loyalty been fiercer. Organizations are plowing in more money and effort to step up their customer care strategies and with good reason! Reports and surveys reveal the importance of customer engagement in buying decisions – 86% of the consumers are

Future of Contact Centers

The trends and technologies shaping the future of Contact Centers

Contact Centers are in a state of constant evolution! With customer engagement rated as one of the most critical factors for the success of a product or service, businesses are striving to perfect the customer care scenario every single day. In this race to keep customer loyalty, companies are turning to technology to deliver exceptional

New CCaaS

3 Key Benefits of taking your contact center to the cloud (CCaaS)

The key to thrive in a “Customer is the King” economy is being extremely responsive to their ever-evolving demands while serving as a pacesetter for the competition. Customers are demanding a wider choice of contact channels, stronger relationships, flexible customer service options and quick-to-respond customer service. All these factors have increased the pressure on Contact

CCaaS Can Help Businesses

How CCaaS can help businesses create a compelling customer experience

Contact centers are evolving as the pivotal point of customer interaction across multiple touch points. For businesses, creating a compelling customer experience is about building robust relationships by seamlessly engaging with them through varied channels. Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) helps create such elevated experiences consistently. Additionally, these solutions also increase productivity, improve efficiency

Contact Center as a Service

Contact Center as a Service – What is it and how can it benefit your business?

Customer is king and in today’s cutthroat and unpredictable marketplace keeping your customers happy and loyal is vital for running a successful business. The first call, the first mail, the first comment on social media – whenever customers want to communicate, a business Contact Center is the first port of call. They are at the

Transform Corporate Workplace Managed WLAN

Transform the corporate workplace with Managed WLAN

When it comes to Internet connectivity in an organization, user expectations are sky high! Employees and guests, alike, expect fast, secure and highly available WLAN services the moment they step into office premises. To match this growing demand, several organizations have opted for subscription based Managed WLAN services. Apart from easing business operations and enriching

5 Key Benefits of a Fully Managed Wi-Fi Solution

The rapid rise of new disruptive technology trends – cloud, social media and mobility –has added a new dimension to business operations. Connectivity is now the most critical factor for running a competitive business. To get an enterprise-grade WLAN service for 100% secure and seamless connectivity, businesses need to outsource their WLAN design, installation and

Get your business ERP GST ready

How to get your Business ERP GST ready?

On July 1st, 2017, Indian businesses will enter a new economic era. The GST bill, India’s biggest tax reform since independence, will unify and simplify India’s complex tax system to bring transparency and reduce tax evasion and corruption. While the new tax regime will have several benefits for businesses in the long run, the change

Managed Wifi

What is Managed Wi-Fi and why do you need it?

The days of spotty connectivity and Internet cables are far behind us; these days’ people expect instant connectivity – everywhere and all the time. And when it comes to a business setting, quick and easily accessible Wi-Fi connectivity is not just about ease of business, it has tangible benefits such as enhanced productivity, efficiency and

WAN Transformation

Key components of WAN Transformation

To stay ahead in the current hyper competitive business world, enterprises are under immense pressure to reach a new level of operational efficiency while being cost effective AND at the same time adopt and internalize a new customer centric business model. To adapt to this rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are embracing digital transformation solutions.

Securing Smart Cities

Securing Smart Cities and IoT devices

Smart Cities and IOT are largely articulated buzzword in Digital transformation space. Digital transformation is good to have significant change towards betterment of human life style and “way of living”. Digital Transformation is broadly classified into exponential technology growth, Miniaturization, Virtualization and Linking Bio Technology with Information technology. The goal of digital transformation is towards

WAN Transformation

What is driving businesses to consider WAN Transformation?

Today’s hyper-connected and hyper-competitive marketplace needs enterprises that can react quickly and efficiently to the changing market scenarios.  To respond with speed to these new market expectations, businesses need 24×7 access to reliable and high-performance connectivity. From connecting employees spread across geographies to responding and engaging with customers –a high performance and secure Enterprise WAN

WAN Transformation

WAN Transformation – The mandate for the future ready enterprise network

Cloud technology has completely shaken and redesigned the IT world and forever changed the way businesses are run. It’s no wonder then, that increasing cloud adoption is impacting Wide Area Networks as well. Since the introduction of WAN, constant research has been carried out to find ways to improve it. Over the last decade, Internet

Data Center Security

5 focus areas for Data Center security

Every year, businesses are incurring significant losses – they are losing money, customers and their reputation – due to cyber attacks. By 2019, cyber crime is predicted to cost businesses $2 trillion worldwide. So it’s hardly surprising that, from boardrooms to server rooms, almost all IT related conversation revolve around Security. Data and IT infrastructure

5 Ways Internet of Things

5 ways in which IoT (Internet of Things) will alter Data Centers

The world of Internet is steadily merging with the world of physical things. Out of this convergence is born Internet of Things (IoT), a giant global network connecting all web-enabled things (including people) in the world. From your coffee pot to your car to the cosmonaut orbiting around the earth, our virtual world will connect

Next Gen Data Center Architecture

What to expect from the next generation of Data Center architecture

At this very moment, industry experts and visionaries are designing the future of IT services and systems. The vision outlines a fully enmeshed and embedded role for technology in our daily lives – from non-invasive micro tech providing real-time medical care and smart home technology to microcomputers -a web of smart and predictive devices that

NAAS Service

Network as a Service (NaaS) explained

Running a business demands fast and reliable connectivity and this typically takes the form of investing in network hardware and staff for round-the-clock network management. With NaaS (Network as a Service) this is all in the past. All you require now is a computer and an Internet connection to connect to your service provider network


What is SD-WAN and why do you need it?

To understand the importance of connectivity, let us imagine a day without it. Internet and phone lines are down. Your employees cannot access their mail; your offices cannot make or receive any calls; everyone from the CEO to the middle manager is left twiddling their thumbs as all their cloud hosted data and files are

5 Factors MPLS Service

5 factors to consider before picking an MPLS Service provider

In today’s hyper-connected and fast-paced global marketplace, connectivity is the lifeblood needed to keep businesses running smoothly. Enterprise, small or large, need reliable and fast communication networks to work and grow. MPLS with its ‘labeling protocol’ provides organizations with a communication network that is completely dependable, fast, flexible and cost effective. The obvious and many

WAN Enterprise

Enterprise WAN: The past and the future

WAN – Wide Area Network, the three magic words that connect our world. Simply put, WAN is the network that connects local areas spread across the world. The word network might conjure visions of tangled cables and blinking routers, but we have come a long way from the days when a 9.6 Kbps line was

Hybrid Cloud

What makes Hybrid cloud so popular?

As cloud adoption accelerated, service providers listened to their customers experiences and problems; tweaked and optimized their cloud solutions to create the Hybrid cloud solution – a cloud platform with the benefits of both the public and private cloud. Hybrid cloud allows enterprises to cherry-pick the cloud solutions that provide the perfect balance between their

Private vs Public Cloud

Private Vs. Public Cloud: How to choose the best fit

According to a recent survey conducted by Right Scale– 93% of businesses are using cloud technology in some form or another. Chances are that your competitors are already using cloud platforms and are growing their businesses at your expense. To stay competitive it’s imperative to leverage the benefits of cloud. Embracing the cloud is no


Digital disruption, an opportunity to create adaptive businesses

The biggest digital disrupter of the decade has finally hit the IT industry! The convergence of new technologies – social, mobile, cloud and data analytics, has fundamentally changed the way business is being done. Enterprises are, naturally, under immense pressure to adapt their existing infrastructures, strategies and workforce to deal with these changes. But during

Digital Transformation

How Digital Transformation made eGovernance possible in India

Government and public service bodies were the late entrants into the digital world; slow and hesitant at the start they have now embraced digital with gusto. What started as online payment portals for electricity and phone bills has developed into a mission to provide digital access to all citizens. The Digital Start The first step

5 Challenges Digital Platform

Journey to a digital platform – 5 challenges businesses need to overcome

The IT industry is no stranger to digital disruption, over the last 3 decades, new trends and technological leaps have time and again changed the direction of the industry. The first wave in 1990s permanently transformed industries such as music, photography and video rental and the 2000s saw major disruption in industries like television, travel

SMACNET Digital Platform

SMAC Net: The digital platform of the future?

The digital world has always been fast paced, ready to evolve and innovate quickly. But new innovative technologies are disrupting the familiar digital landscape at a rate never seen before, forcing businesses to overhaul old systems and reinvent existing technologies. To remain competitive in the face of this digital challenge, businesses must embrace the SMAC

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation across India Inc.

With the intermingling of social media platforms in all aspects of our lives, the digital world has become more multifaceted and complex.Social platforms combined with cloud systems and mobility has disrupted the existing business models and forced enterprises to develop new business models to generate fresh revenue streams and find new ways to engage with

CIO 100

CIO 100 2016 The year of the transformative CIOs

The two-day event at the JW Marriot, Pune, honoured the best, the brightest and the transformative CIOs of the Indian IT industry. Known as the Oscars of the Indian IT industry, this year’s CIO 100 event brought together CIOs from across various vertical sectors to participate in a two-day symposium which was about transformation, leadership,

Data Center Attacks

New Data Center and the newer attacks- are you ready?

With every passing year, IT security is becoming the most significant issue for the industry. While threats to any part of the infrastructure are a big risk, Data security is the biggest fear in enterprise. The Data Center has grown up from being a multiple server, energy guzzling mammoth to a practically invisible, sleek, virtual

Cloud Powered Content Delivery Network

Cloud powered by Content Delivery Network – The Elixir of Internet World

Are we all aware of the staggering statistics about Future of Internet? India will add 40% of the world’s incremental Internet users by 2020! More than 175 million people will do their purchases online because of convenient payment options like e-wallets and easy payments. E-commerce business will be worth $17 billion at the end of

TIS Virtue

Transformation Integration Services – The Virtue of Single Platform Operations

An increasingly connected world needs a smarter, faster and much more agile technology driver. And this new business paradigm demands much more secure networks and storage, more efficient and completely clear communication and collaboration. Anything less than perfect will instantly become an Achilles heel of any enterprise, jeopardising their market status, reputation and in some

3 Shart Reasons Collaborative Communication

3 Sharp Reasons Why Collaborative Communication Adds To Your Bottomline

The reach of every human and business is fast expanding with almost the same speed as which the globe is shrinking. Businesses that are able to stay in constant touch- by various innovative and fast developing communication technologies, will have a definitive edge over competition – they will be available, connected to the market real

Cognitive Computing Turning IT Operators into IT Innovators

Cognitive Computing: Turning IT Operators into IT Innovators We are on the cusp of a new age of computing. One where smart businesses are starting to think differently about how they design, build, and deliver technology solutions. We believe that IT teams need rise up and help drive this innovation. That’s why we’re collaborating to

Collaborative Tools and Tips

Smarter use of collaborative tools and tips for choosing the right ones

Collaborative tools have taken enterprise by storm, not only because of their innovative nature, but also because of the convenience they offer for the critical processes- client communication and data dissemination. Technology plays a huge part, but collaboration, by nature goes beyond that. Here is some ways on which your collaboration tools go beyond mere

5 Reasons Why SMBS

5 Reasons why SMBs must seek out cloud solutions

Reasons why SMBs must seek out cloud solutions Big is not necessarily better – and small businesses now are aware of just that. Small businesses are r now ready to take on any big competitor, thanks to technology and variety available in the market these days. Not just that, small enterprises can also provide competitive

Human Errors Information Security in Organizations

Human errors is now the top threat for information security in organizations

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In an enterprise environment, it is often human errors that create the biggest risks. This fact is corroborated by many studies, and more than those, by many outages and episodes. Whether it is ignorance or wilful data theft, the risk that enterprises face from employees

Enterprise Policy vs Technology

Enterprise Policy Vs Technology – are your people the biggest security risk?

According to a study by Intel in September 2015, almost 43 % of all data breaches were due to insider breaches (half being intentional). Threats perpetuated by disgruntled employees form an overwhelming number in these, especially in the Asia pacific region, where it is the second largest cause of all security breaches. But despite such


Data Centers 2.0 – What to Expect and What to Plan For

With enterprise rapidly becoming virtual – by way of the cloud and connecting with IoT, physical servers for Data Centers are on their way out. Whatever the storage capabilities, it is just not going to work for the enterprise of today, and definitely not for tomorrow. What then is the face of Data Centers 2.0?

Data Center

How Data Centers Can be Big Savers for Enterprise

Growth is about getting the right solution along with the right support at the right point in your revenue plan. The journey to higher growth needs to be supported by cost efficiencies and a well designed, well supported Data Center with fastest response times could be your biggest ally in this journey! Over the next

3 Ways Save Cost on Networking Decisions

3 Ways You Can Save Costs on Networking Decisions!

The efficiency of your organisation today depends on the ability to allow employees to access information anywhere, anytime and from any device in real time. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a stable, robust and agile network infrastructure base is the strongest foundation to achieve scale for enterprise with strong business model. Today, information

Data Center Monitoring

Ensure Lower Opex with Data Center Monitoring

Data Centers are the backbone of today’s IT world. Growing business, demand that the Data Centers operate at maximum efficiency. However, building Data Centers, maintaining and running them involves a lot of operational expenses for the company. It is important for companies to look for options that can help them lower Opex for their Data

Embracing Software Defined Data Center

Embracing the Software-defined Data Center

With the Data Centers becoming more crucial to meeting the business requirements of organizations, older technologies are lagging behind. That’s why the savvy business professionals are embracing the software-defined Data Centers that extend the advantages of automation and orchestration, simplify management and provide a more business-focused approach. Take baby steps Designing software-defined environments often implicates

SDN bringing flexibility

SDN – Bringing flexibility and scale to Data Center

Today’s growing businesses need instant application deployments and deliveries at a much higher speed. While it is a major challenge for IT administrators, Software Defined Networking (SDN) has helped organizations to achieve this goal with the help of automation tools. SDN helps businesses to achieve flexibility and scalability with the platform that can efficiently handle

Growing Business

12 steps to successfully grow your business with existing clients

Growing your business with existing customers is the cornerstone of sustained success. It was observed among the top 5 companies in IT services, the ones which did a better job of growing existing customers, outperformed their peer group in overall business growth and profitability consistently over a 10 year period. With the initial investments in

Why DC Enterprise Businesses

Why Data Centers are Necessary for Enterprise Businesses

Data is the most critical asset of any organization and businesses are faced with the imminent challenges of managing and governing data while ensuring data compliance. Data management is critical for every company to improve business agility with up-to-date information available anywhere, anytime to the employees who need it most. There are entire ecosystems that

5 Cool Features of Next Generation Data Centers

5 Cool Features of the Next Generation Data Center

The relentless growth in the volume of data created every day, has compelled Data Center administrators to integrate new technologies and processes. With the global popularity of cloud computing, the role of Data Centers has extended beyond providing enough storage capacity with data security. Data Centers – optimized with various tools and services, are now

Secure Data

How secure is your Data Center?

Data Center is the core of today’s IT world. With growing technologies likes cloud computing, virtualizations and latest IT applications, building today’s Data Centers are a bit more complex. It is important to protect the Data Centers from malicious attack. Equally important is to ensure that the Data Center infrastructure like network, storage, servers and

Integrating Cloud Traditional Data Center

Advantages of Integrating Cloud with traditional Data Centers

A growing number of organizations are adopting cloud computing to meet the challenges of deploying their IT services as fast as they can and addressing their dynamic work load environment there by maximising their ROIs (Return on Investments). Across the globe companies have started to view hybrid cloud as a transformative operating model – a

Data Privacy

Ways to Ensure your Data on Cloud is Safe & Secure your data on the cloud offers myriad benefits to your business. But like any other technology, cloud computing also has its share of risks involved. When considering a move to the cloud, consumers should get familiar with the potential security risks. There are a few security and privacy challenges relevant to cloud computing and

Benefits Managed Cloud Service

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

Cloud computing is taking shape as a fundamental to business growth. Between the fray of private and public cloud, managed cloud services can help businesses maximize the benefits of cloud adoption. Managed cloud hosting provides the balance between scalability and facility of public cloud and better reliability of on-premises solutions. Managed cloud solutions are considered

Benefit From Cloud Computing

How the start-up industry can benefit from cloud computing

India has been gripped by an intense wave of start-ups. From tech solutions and e-commerce to healthcare and food deliveries, these start-ups are being embraced more and more by Indian consumers and also attracting a substantial amount of attention from foreign shores in the form of angel investors and venture capital. For the 50 million

Evolving Tech Modern Consumer

Evolving Technologies and the Modern Consumer

Technology has shaped the way we interact, consume, create, learn and communicate. In short, modern day technology has seeped into all aspects of our lives in a way that one tends to think how did the people manage without it? Today, people can have face time with a client while preparing a presentation and pay

A to Z Disaster Recovery

A to Z of disaster recovery post natural calamity

With the businesses running across the globe, at different geographic locations, current enterprise systems have become large and overly complex. Applications and data are fundamental to business and the smallest downtime can cause millions of losses. Imagine a natural catastrophe to strike at any location making data loss. Rebuilding infrastructure and getting data recovered is

5 Things Telecom Provider

5 Things to consider when choosing a Telecom Provider

Telecom is the backbone of current IT industry. Currently there are so many companies offering telecommunication services. It is very difficult to conclude on a service provider when going for a telecommunication services as there are several companies offering several different options and everybody trying all their marketing techniques to catch hold of you. No

5 Things Telecom Technology

5 Things Every IT Team Needs to Know About Telecom Technology

With evolving technologies and the advent of advanced applications, telecommunications has triggered a growth in various business sectors. Technological advancement in telecommunications has helped businesses in not just increasing efficiency and productivity, but also reducing expenses. Here are five things that IT team of every business should know about the telecom technology to acquire cost-effective

Myths About Security Cloud Computing

Myths about security in cloud computing

Cloud computing is one of the most progressive pillars of the IT sector. However, the very concept of cloud computing with the added complexity of virtualisation can throw a novice to unknown waters. The word cloud itself sounds porous and easy to penetrate. But such is not the case on a larger picture. Despite being

5 Things Public Cloud Against Private Cloud

5 things to consider when weighing public cloud against private cloud

Businesses pursuing the cloud are faced with the existential question – public or private cloud? Each has its merits that should be considered as per one’s business goals. Here are five factors you must consider prior to choosing a cloud platform. Accessibility and usage Each corporation has requirements unique to its business. For example, you

5 Thing Cloud Platforms

Top 5 Things You’ll See In Cloud Platforms In 2015

Cloud is a major energy that has been driving businesses in the online universe. And over the years, it has evolved drastically with its every stage offering a little something for everyone. Most businesses swear by the cloud and others are making a run for it. Whichever category you belong to, it is important to

Cloud Computing

How Cloud Computing can help SMBs

Most business models followed by SMBs have one common target – minimize costs. When handling big data, storage becomes a problem quite often and there’s a substantial flow of capital just for that purpose. Cloud offers not just IT infrastructure but a business framework. It’s beneficial for SMBs in terms of accessibility, security, disaster management,

5 Things Data Center Efficiency

5 Things You Should Be Doing for Data Center Efficiency

Data Center Efficiency is a flexible term originally used to characterize the efficient use of energy in a Data Center. But over the years, the usage of this term has expanded to other entities such as storage, accessibility, security, networks and IT assets. Every Data Center around the world is focused on increasing its efficiency.