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Interactive 3D Learning Solution to Empower

Interactive 3D Learning Solution to Empower Pharmaceutical Reps on Healthcare Information


Sify created an interactive training on Osteoarthritis using 3D PDF technology to educate and simplify the learning
experience for the client’s audience.

About the Client

The client is a Fortune 500 multinational with over 120,000 employees worldwide and a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

Business Need

The client wanted to create a uniform, interactive, learning solution to educate its medical representatives on complex healthcare topics.


Sify proposed and designed an interactive 3D PDF
application by leveraging its expertise in learning
technologies, 3D optimization techniques, and instructional design strategies. It boosted the visual appeal of illustrations in the course content and enhanced the learning experience.

The PDF had an innovative interface with a 3D image of a human body, with highlighted areas that are prone to cause and be affected by osteoarthritis. The learner could rotate; zoom-in, zoom-out, and view the selected section. On selecting each highlighted region, scientific information pertaining to osteoarthritis was explained.


  • Different 3D functionalities to emphasize key points and retain learner interest
  • Had zoom in and zoom out options to view the human anatomy in different angles and perspectives
  • Smart 3D approach compared to text heavy brochures and information modules
  • Key information of osteoarthritis and its effect across the body was optimized by using 3D rotating images and pop-ups
  • This learning solution could be accessed by downloading the PDF on various handheld devices, such as iPads, globally.
  • The course was designed to educate a wide audience by using an engaging and innovative approach
  • Mini video files were included to help the learner go through the various stages of Osteoarthritis


Business Benefits

  • Easy to use and easily transferrable via email
  • Had a wider reach in terms of accessibility, and engaged readers
  • Facilitated audience to comprehend complex healthcare information by using a simple approach
  • Helped the learners to access information on a PDF anywhere, anytime, and across various technology mediums

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