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Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led Training on Global Animal Health Business Standards for a Global Pharmaceutical Company

About the Client

This client is a global healthcare and pharmaceutical company and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. It has a 125-year history, with 68,000 employees worldwide, operating in 140 countries.

Business Need

The client wanted its employees to comply with laws, regulations, and their policies pertaining to interactions with customers, government officials, and third parties as well as the use of promotional materials. One of the key business goals driving the need for this training was to recognize the Merck Animal Health Division’s integrity as a responsible corporate partner. The other business objectives were to ensure that local procedures aligned with the company policy requirements and that employees recognized their accountability in adhering to compliance requirements.


We analyzed the business requirement and proposed a blended approach, which comprised a 30-minute Web-based training, followed by an ILT. The eLearning course provided an overview of the subject and further functioned as a prerequisite to attending the ILT. 

The ILT sessions helped employees recognize the implications of their actions at everyday work. They learned how to comply with sales and marketing policies. The policies require policy knowledge, best judgment, consultation with colleagues, or escalation to a Line Manager when presented with a situation.

Instructional Design Strategy

Pre-ILT Evaluation: This stage begins with a Pre-course Self-Assessment towards the beginning of the ILT. After the participants complete the Self-Assessment, they rate themselves (based on their performance). They further get an opportunity to discuss the performance when they meet the Facilitator in person for the ILT.

Modular Sessions: The Instructor-led training was designed in a modular fashion to enable the Facilitator to select the modules or topics appropriate for the audience. The Facilitator could generate individualized learning experiences for the class by selecting and organizing content that was appropriate for the class. 

Different learning levels: The ILT could be packaged at different learning levels, depending on the participants’ role at work.

Experiential Learning: The learner is placed in a situation and asked to respond as to how they will manage the situation. The Facilitator provides feedback on the learner’s response.


Business Benefits

  • Better compliance with policies and standards with deeper understanding.
  • Awareness about the company’s zero tolerance against non-compliance.

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