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Game-Based Learning

Game-Based Learning for Tellers in the Bank to Verify Signatures on Cheques


Sify designed and developed a game-based learning solution on signature verification. This learning solution assists the tellers of the bank to validate and verify the signatures of its customers.

About the Client

The client is a multinational bank headquartered in the United Kingdom, with over 80,000 employees and 1,700 branches in more than 70 countries.

Business Need

Bank tellers are required to verify and approve hundreds of customer signatures in day-to-day financial transactions. Because of the increasing trends in cheque frauds and signature forgery, banks face the risk of financial loss and reputation loss.

The client wanted a learning solution for its tellers, to help them focus on detecting signature frauds, being responsive to customer needs, and vigilant about fraudulent transactions.


Based on the business need, Sify designed and developed a game-based learning solution on signature verification. The solution consisted of an eLearning course followed by a game for the bank’s tellers. The course aimed at training the tellers on various techniques used to forge signatures and customer endorsements. The course also provided insight on the standard techniques of signature examination and verification analysis. In addition, it provided tellers with guidelines to help them detect forged signatures while examining cheques. The signature verification game also served as an assessment at the end of the course.


  • Based on the concepts and skills taught in the eLearning course, the game induced a high level of learner interaction that was intrinsic for quick and effective learning.
  • The game is played in a bank environment and revolves around a bank teller (player) who needs to validate customer signatures on cheques received from customers.
  • The game had three levels with varying degrees of complexity at each level.
  • At level 1, the player or learner gets two minutes to approve or decline a cheque. At level 2, the player gets one and a half minutes, and at level 3, the player gets one minute.
  • A summary page is displayed, showing the number of signatures the player got correct and the number of signatures the player got incorrect.
  • The player successfully completes the game only when he or she achieves the required score for all levels within the specified time.
  • The course was delivered as an online flash-based game through an LMS.


Business Benefits

  • The tellers perform signature verification more easily, quickly and accurately than before because the concepts and guidelines taught in the course and applied in the game, are now applied in real-time work.
  • The bank tellers now perform signature verification without the help or intervention of the supervisor.
  • The number of queries to the management concerning signature verification has significantly reduced.

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