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Over the next decade, perhaps, no other industry will face as many challenges because of measures related to climate risk mitigation as oil & gas, offshore technologies, alternate energy sources, and utilities.

While these challenges have not been new, the pace and pressure to change has never been more severe and urgent. Digitalization and digital transformation have permeated every corner of the energy industry. Thus, the brute force exhibited of the past has been partly replaced by the intellectual prowess and digital acumen of the workforce of today. This transformation will only accelerate and result in special challenges for the L&D function of the modern energy industry.

Sify’s learning consultants and technologists have worked with some of the most well-known names in energy to help their learning and development function keep pace with the rapid change that faces their workforce by leveraging mobility solutions, micro learning, & talent frameworks.

Reach out to a Sify learning expert to discuss how can you transform your L&D function to successfully meet the accelerated pace of change.

These organizations face challenges of managing two broad goals that conflict with each other - slowing growth of energy usage but also increasing expectations for more innovative solutions. The widening "skills gap" that exists between the available and new workforce and the required know-how required to address the needs of the industry is another challenge they face.

We've solved these problems by implementing blended learning campaigns that emphasize building pre-class foundational knowledge so that problem-solving skills can be focused in classroom training. We've also addressed the problems by implementing the use of 3D simulations, animations, VR to explain "difficult-to-understand" concepts to make learners confident and articulate. These "new-age" learning methodologies further help reduce the cost of training.

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