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Every day, about 1 trillion MB of data and information is generated globally, according to estimates. This figure will continue to rise at an exponential rate in the future. The major issue for businesses is how to get the appropriate information to the right people at the right time, in the right format, and most crucially, in a way that encourages people to take action. In a nutshell, how to assist individuals in learning and making a positive impact on themselves, their organizations, and society. With everyone suffering severe time constraints in their personal and professional lives, attention has become the most valuable currency in today’s world.

Everything we do in content production at Sify is driven by our focus on learner engagement (attention), experience (emotion), and expertise (problem-solving). Regardless of the type of content – eLearning, instructor-led training (ILT), interactive films, 3D models/animations, job aids, infographics, and so on – the goal is to match content to audience needs and work/education requirements in an ever-changing world that demands effective answers.

When you chat with a Sify Learning Expert, they will assist you in gaining comprehensive clarity on the best learning design, the best mix of content modalities, and the best training rollout tactics that meet your budget, schedules, and a variety of other factors.

Technical Writing

Invaluable to enhancing the content and usability of your learning projects, our technical writer's design and develop comprehensive materials that go above and beyond traditional techniques and provide an attractive and multifunctional user-interface. Sify eLearning technical writers put together training materials, tutorials, interactive project documentation and online help materials amongst others.

Their role involves effectively gathering information from our and your subject matter experts, writing exceptional technical copy as well as using sophisticated publishing tools in conjunction with Sify’s advance technologies.

Rich Media Online Training

Incorporating Rich Media Online Training in your learning projects can be essential for achieving your learning goals and engaging your learners. Our Rich Media includes a broad range of digital interactive media that can be accessed online or downloaded. Rich Media makes your online training courses more interesting and appealing to your learners in the absence of a physical instructor. They comprise animations and interactive activities at various levels of sophistication, visuals, and narration.

Rich Media can support your learners become more ready for the real world by providing them with the opportunity to practice using web-based tools they are likely to encounter in their practice, as it refines how learners approach solving problems.

Simulations / Scenario Based

Among the many instructional design theories and models, Simulations and Scenario-based learning allow the learner to be completely immersed in situational learning experiences. Experiential learning creates a deeper and more memorable learning experience. Such contextual settings allow trainees to easily acquire and retain skills and information to both working and long-term memory, from which they can easily draw on.

Sify’s eLearning Simulations and Scenario-based learning programs can be efficiently used for different objectives. The core characteristics of these solutions benefit trainees by delivering on the following:

  • Interactive
  • Realistic
  • Learner-Centric
  • Immediate Application of Knowledge

Game-Based Training

We produce gamified learning that provides social, engaging, immersive, longer-lasting learning experiences.

Sify eLearning partners with you to create higher-end, innovative gamified training projects for the effective and engaging learning of specific real-world skills.

Our higher-end interactive game solutions have proven to be a highly effective method for teaching challenging skills. Because game-based learning promotes learning, motivates action, and helps solve problems, it is successfully used for detail-oriented, high-pressure skills training. Such examples of challenging training include pilot, surgery, military, operation and entrepreneurial business training to name a few.

Sify designers begin by understanding your training needs and challenges, to create immersive simulations that put your learners in a virtual work environment where they can attain mastery by practice, adaptation, and real-time coaching. Furthermore, this is a rewarding experience which has learners receive positive reinforcements throughout their learning journey.

Sify game-based learning modules

  • Tailored


    To your requirements and may include modules with assessment-based learning, concept-based learning, reinforcement-oriented learning, or a combination of different modules.

  • Platform Agnostic

    Platform agnostic

    So learning modules can be used on diverse online or offline, fixed or mobile devices

  • Single or Multiplayer

    Single or multi-player

    Designed to be used either by a single player or multiple players in group learning scenarios

  • Highquality

    High quality

    Based on robust quality assurance and testing certification processes

Blended Learning

Our hybrid, mixed-mode courses combine the benefits of traditional classroom learning with integrated eLearning content. Its benefits include blending teaching methods that combine online digital media with traditional classroom methods, making the best use of the physical presence of both teacher and learner.

Micro-Learning and Responsive

Our micro learning courses deliver small, focused and empowering content to your learners. These small doses are appropriate for your learners to comprehend the material in a short time. Micro-Learning content is provided in short time bursts, on simple and/or narrow topics and requires little effort from individual sessions.

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