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According to McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), by year 20230, almost 25% of US jobs will potentially get displaced to full or partial automation. On the other hand, almost 19% of new, replacement jobs will be created. Majority of these new jobs will require new skills, knowledge, and abilities.

The recent Department of Labor report emphasizes the ongoing trend regarding the changing nature of jobs – jobs, new and old, becoming more digital, more technical, and more agile.

According to Pew Research Institute survey, 66% of unemployed are convinced that they will need to transition to new areas of work, but almost 50% are pessimistic about successfully making the change.

Add to this the persistent shortage of workforce in broad sectors of the economy and one cannot help but come face to face with the reality of a perfect and fierce storm brewing on the horizon for Workforce Development.

The stark reality is that you cannot develop the workforce for the modern industry using tools, methodologies, and training processes of yesteryears. Imagine spending millions of dollars and countless hours to train people whose skills become outdated in real time.

Sify’s learning experts helping educate workforce development boards and leaders to understand the power of AR, VR, AI, and Blockchain to accelerate learning and help diverse workforce transition into the future.

In supporting financial service institutions, we have delivered effective and efficient learning management strategies. Our solutions support your mission and address your ever-evolving global challenges needs, from managing your operational, credit and market risks to managing intermediation between your organization and its stakeholders.

Our solutions such as multi-device, web-based, and personalized options target skill gaps strategically and quickly across the board, from new employees to leadership.

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