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Digital signature authentication for individuals

With data thefts on the rise, protection, and privacy are critical in any digital transaction. A prudent combination of technology and business processes contributes to protecting an organization’s digital assets. Whether storing data in a physical data center, a private or public cloud, or in a third-party storage application, proper encryption and key management are critical to protecting sensitive data.

Sify enables organizations to authenticate digital identity, and enable trust with secured connections. Services offered include business consulting, application development implementation, and system integration. Organizations can streamline processes and enhance document integrity with tamper-proof and imitation-free digital communications. Sify is India’s first licensed Certifying Authority (CA) under the IT Act of 2000 and has issued more than 15 million digital signatures so far under the brand name of SafeScrypt. While data protection largely looks at protecting data at rest, Sify’s transaction security solutions focus on where data is in transit. Additionally, with our data security solution that delivers centralized key management and a hardened root of trust, enterprises can ensure their master keys are protected and data remains secure.

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Key Services

Authentication and Encryption

End-to-end content encryption, device encryption, document rights management, and trusted messaging. Get encryption certificates that help implement data privacy and encrypted storage systems.

Data Security Solution

Granular encryption, tokenization, and role-based access control for structured and unstructured data residing in databases, applications, files, and storage containers.

Transaction Security Solution

Customized solutions to secure transactions over the internet or private networks, ranging from channel encryption (using SSL and Secure-FTP) to developing security solutions on HSMs.

Digital trust and authentication-PKI

Enterprise PKI solution – Certifying Authority (CA) as a Service

Through Safescrypt Enterprise CA Services, Sify enables certifying authorities to ensure adherence to standards, laws, prescribed procedures, and industry best practices. Offered in addition to managed services, Sify’s consulting services cater to creating certificate policy and certification practice statement (CPS), infrastructure and physical security requirements, and network requirement and design, including procedures and operational processes, procedures for CA software solutions and PKI training.

Key Services

Consulting Services
Managed Services for Operations

Value proposition

End-to-end solution

Delivered through over two decades of experience running CA systems

Experience in integrating and implementing ERP systems

Understanding of PKI and security helps integrate DSC solutions to the existing enterprise framework

Over 150 HSMs of Thales deployed

Across verticals, for different compliances like ADV, IRDA, and so on.

Rich partner network

Unparalleled support from Sify’s network of over 15,000+ partners


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Our illustrious partners help us deliver unmatched business value and a unique experience. Their segment-defining, cutting-edge technologies fuel Sify’s efforts to achieve brilliance.


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Our illustrious partners help us deliver unmatched business value and a unique experience. Their segment-defining, cutting-edge technologies fuel Sify’s efforts to achieve brilliance.



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