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As a pioneer in managed hosting, Sify maintains its leadership position in Data Center services in India. Our Chennai Data Center was among the first of its kind constructed for providing Data Center colocation services. It was built by Sify on its own premises in the year 2000. Initially, we launched our Data Center with an IT power capacity of 320 KW and 7,300 sq. ft of the whitespace. Since then, our Data Center had grown over to 10,000 sq. ft in collocation area, whereas the total area covered by the building today is upward of 100,000 sq. ft. It is a carrier neutral Data Center which was designed based on 4th generation SDA (Sify Data Center Architecture) and is capable of handling all IT support functions with its in-house team taking care of its operations.

Our Chennai Data Center provides over 99.9% of uptime and is fully compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and ISO 20000 standards. Our clients have access to both dedicated as well as shared racks for storage with secure cages. Our clients can reap the benefit of having a highly scalable IT infrastructure that lowers their storage and operational overheads. The operational processes at the Chennai Data Center are mature and supported by strong relationships with vendors.

Key Highlights of our Chennai Data Center

  • Structure


    Our Data Center is made of Reinforced Concrete structure and has a raised floor height of 305mm with 1000 Kg/sq. m of load capacity.

  • Facilities


    The Facilities within the Data Center includes 33KV Utility Feeders, N+N redundant UPS systems, N+1 Standby power redundancy, 1.2 MV total power capacity, and a 120 W/sq. ft power density.

  • Aminities


    The building has an administrative office along with the Data Center with a colocation area of 10,000 sq. ft. It also includes a parking space and a breakout area.

  • connectivity


    The building has a reliable cloud cover and internet connectivity with both fixed and wireless connections. Cross-connects across clouds, customer networks, and service providers enhance security and performance of the Data Center at an affordable cost.

  • security


    Chennai Data Center is fully secured by perimeter fence, gates, and security officers who are present 24X7. All critical areas in the building have Biometric Readers, Smart Card Access, & 24X7 CCTV surveillance.

  • safety


    Fire suppression is provided by NAFS III gas for DC zone and NOVEC 1230 for extended DC Area.

Major Advantages Chennai Data Center

  • Strategic location of the Data Center
  • More than 10,000 sq. ft of co-location space
  • Highly Professional and dedicated workforce
  • Dedicated COE on Data Center Engineering
  • Availability of Certified Professionals from Uptime Institute
  • Leading Industry SLAs supporting colocation agreements
  • Experience of hosting mission critical applications
  • Ability to handle all IT support functions
  • Over a decade of operational experience
  • 100% occupancy at Data Center
  • Proven capability to meet 99.9% uptime
  • Strong Connectivity with cost saving with cross connects
  • Highly redundant power and cooling systems
  • Enterprise-ready cloud services
  • Availability of 300+ Enterprise-level Sales and Professional Services
  • Highly Secured perimeters to keep your systems safe
  • Data Center Area Seismic Protection
  • Adapted to latest standards of cooling
  • Monitoring and Access control that enhance security
  • Automated systems for fire detection and suppression
  • 24-hours surveillance for security

Sify Data Center provides a reliable, scalable and performance-oriented hosting environment for your IT applications giving you a competitive edge over the others.

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