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Sify Data Center in Bangalore/Bengaluru

Bangalore/Bengaluru the electronic city of India, has one of Sify’s most high-tech Data Center facilities in India. It comes with the best in-class infrastructure support. It offers you a highly scalable IT infrastructure along with globally accepted best practices in colocation and managed hosting services in Bengaluru.

Bangalore Data Center has mature operational processes supported by strong vendor relationships. It operates on a service delivery framework based on ITIL and follows standards of ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 27001 for information security, and ISO 20000 for service delivery.  The facility expands to 45,000 sq. ft area with 11,000 sq. ft of dedicated space for each module. Each Data Center module comes in multiples of 500KVA * 3 power configuration.

Earthquake resistant structure, high availability, scalability, concurrent maintainability, fully redundant internal network, and customizable high-power density are some of the promising features of this Data Center.

Highlights of the Bangalore Data Center

  • Structure


    Bangalore Data Center has an earthquake resistant structure which meets IS 1893:1984 design standards. It has over 45,000 sq. ft of total white space with 5,500 sq. ft. of whitespace allotted to each module. It has a raised floor height of 600 mm which acts as a supply air plenum. It can operate 24×7 at full capacities and has a 930 Kg/sq. m of structural floor loading on four floors (B2+B1+G+5). The slabs in the building are designed to bear loads of up to 1,200 Kg/sq. m.

  • Facilities


    Facilities in Bangalore Data Center include 11KV dedicated Feeder, 4MVA2 of power capacity, 120 W per sq. ft3 of power density, N+1 UPS, and N+1 generator. It has 2 freight elevators including one for lifting equipment, servers, and racks from the lower floors accessible from the loading dock. Power is distributed through a dual bus to racks and PDUs enabled by branch circuit monitoring.

  • safety security

    Safety & Security

    Bangalore Data Center has a multi-layer access control system, metal door protection, physical security, 24×7 video surveillance in all critical areas, and DVR with over 90 days of data retention. For personnel safety, it has addressable and aspirating smoke detectors, addressable water leakage resistance, ultra-sonic rodent repellent, and a FM 200 gas-based fire suppression system.

  • coolingsystem

    Cooling System

    It has a N+1 CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) redundant cooling system that provides temperature control of 22+/-2 degree Celsius, humidity control of 50+/-5% RH and dust control for less than 5 Micron.

Major advantages of Bangalore Data Center

  • 500KVA * 3 Power configuration for each Data Center module
  • 5,500 sq. ft white space for each Data Center module
  • Highly secure architectural design
  • High uptime for power infrastructure
  • Access floor void acting as supply air plenum
  • High density cooling systems
  • Integrated Building Management System
  • Designed to withstand natural disasters like earthquakes
  • Automated systems for fire detection and suppression
  • Connectivity from major telecom carriers
  • Floor heights adequate for housing all services on one floor
  • Redundant power source with automatic failover
  • Best-in-class supporting infrastructure for roads, power and other amenities
  • Additional load bearing support on each floor
  • Operating at full load capacity 24×7

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