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With the advent of IoT, pervasive mobility, and growing cloud service adoption, the network has become increasingly distributed, and the need for faster compute and connectivity at the edge has become more pronounced.

As organizations increasingly drive digital transformation initiatives and adopt hybrid multi-cloud, the network must be rearchitected to support new-age topologies. Hence, Network Transformation gains predominance. Network Transformation and re-architecture must play out at all the 3 points of presence of the Network – at the Network Core, Network Management layer, and the Network Edge.

Let us look at the significance of the Transformation at these 3 layers and the contribution that Sify is bringing at each of these points of presence.

  1. Transformation at the Network Core

    With Cloud adoption, Data Center is no more the Core of the network. As enterprises are moving their applications to the cloud on consumption-based models for enhanced business productivity, it has become important to secure connectivity to the Cloud and extend the Quality of Service to a hybrid multi-cloud environment. Hence, the transformation of the network at the Core is essential for improved agility, enhanced productivity, and scalability.

    Sify’s Transformation Services at the Core are designed to help customers harness the true potential of cutting-edge cloud, digital, and network technologies. We help our customers accomplish their transformation goals and meet dynamic business requirements capably by providing Cloud Interconnect networks, which enable customers to establish direct connectivity between their private and public cloud infrastructure and fully realize the benefits of hybrid cloud architecture. With our Hyperscale Cloud partnerships and the Cloud Interconnect Networks, combined with expertise to deploy technologies like SDWAN & NFV, we hold a distinct level of expertise in network integration and transformation for a hybrid multi-cloud environment.

  2. Transformation at the Network Management and Control Layer

    As networks become more & more complex, organizations nowadays are leveraging multiple network service providers, and they have distributed nature of applications and end-users. This has resulted in a very complex network architecture. Moreover, monitoring and management of these complex and distributed networks and network elements have become very critical. Network Management & Control requires a distinct level of expertise, advanced tools, and automation platforms, and hence makes good business sense to outsource the management to an expert who has the benefit of scale, experience, and toolsets to deliver the same. The customer can in turn focus on his core business.

    Empowered with a robust Network Operating Center, Sify offers a wide spectrum of Network Consolidation, Network Transformation, and Operations Outsourcing solutions. Sify can manage customer’s as-is WAN network architecture, provide 24×7 monitoring of links, undertake incident management, change management, and can yet ensure unified SLA management across multiple service providers in a single-window provision. Not only this, but Sify also helps customers in network study & assessment and consulting for Network Re-Architecture and Managed Services.

  3. Transformation at the Network Edge

    Network Edge is the bridge between an organization and its end customers to deliver enhanced user experience and employee productivity. It is a strategic gateway to connect widely distributed organizations. The traditional networks cannot accommodate the new IoT devices, sensors, and plethora of Edge devices that are connected and managed at the Edge. Therefore, it is crucial to adopt transformation of the network at the edge to meet the requirements of the end devices and make them an integral part of the Enterprise Networks.

    Sify Edge Connect Services include advisory services like an assessment of customer requirement with respect to coverage and performance. Further, we ensure end-to-end implementation of customer’s WiFi network, which includes configuring guest access and incorporating employee authentication & access. Our highly secure platform provides insight into user patterns and analytics such as the location of users, applications browsed, etc. Sify also provides deep visibility and control of the performance and usage of applications. In addition, Sify Edge Services include IoT services and aggregation and integration of the same with the Enterprise Network.

    While rearchitecting your network, it is important to include aspects connecting the above three points of presence of users and applications. This will help you architect a network that delivers efficiency and is future-ready. However, the majority of organizations lack the necessary skills and expertise to envision and manage such a complex transformation, and that is where Sify Technologies can be your partner in this transformation journey.

What makes Sify the preferable partner for Network Transformation?

Sify is the largest Information and Communications Technology service provider in India, serving 10,000+ businesses across multiple industries with its impeccable Cloud and Data Center services, Network services, Security services, Digital Services, and Application Services. Our industry-wide experience of working with diverse clients, skilled workforce to manage varied network transformation projects, and the Technology Partner ecosystem, makes us the most trusted Network Transformation partner for India Enterprises.

Today, Network Integration, Network Transformation, and Managed Services are the key differentiators. That’s where Sify can help businesses achieve their strategic goals. As a strong, capable ICT transformation partner, Sify brings in the integrated skillsets, processes, and tools that are required for a seamless transition in a cost-effective way. Add to this, Sify’s engineering capabilities are the best in class and help our customers design innovative solutions that are custom-built to suit their business needs.

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